Review of Fight Against Super Strong Fist

Review of Sex Beauty with BalloonsFight Against Super Strong Fist – 20 mins

At the beginning of the match, Nastya is sure that the last fight she lost was an accident and she will be able to make a rematch. Nastya starts throwing punches, but soon gets hit back. The blow drops Nastya. Nastya is stunned by the blow, but is able to shake it off and return to the fight. Nastya continues to fight and receives another blow, which again drops her. Nastya needs a little more time to shake off the blow. She struggles to her feet. This punch leaves her open to a massive uppercut that turns off her lights. Nastya falls on the mats and starts to twitch. After about 30 seconds, Nastya comes to her senses. She is completely dumbfounded, but she still manages to rise to her feet and stand in front of her opponent. The fist knocks her out with another uppercut. Once again, Nastya falls on the mats and starts to twitch. After about 30 seconds, Nastya is able to recover on her own and again hardly get on her feet. She is very weak, a super strong hand pushes her a little, Nastya stumbles, but remains on her feet. Another hit fixed everything, sending Nastya back to the mats. This time Nastya does not get up. She is brought to life by several blows to the stomach. A hand holds Nastya’s chin, watching her eyes roll back. Nastya is very weak. Her opponent has no mercy on her and again drops her with another blow to her face. The opponent keeps awakening and lifting Nastya again and again, just to hit her and let her fall back to the mats sluggish and twitchy. 5 minutes before the end of the match, Nastya turned into a complete rag doll. Punches to the stomach no longer cause any reaction. She is lifted, and she just collapses onto the mat under her own weight. Finally making sure that Nastya is completely a rag, the fist finally knocks her out with a powerful uppercut, from which Nastya falls to the mats for the last time. The camera gets a good look at Nastya on the mats, circling around her several times as she twitches on the floor, completely defeated. 

This one is going to be a little less review and more just straight up advertising, but I love these videos, because this is not at all what Nastya is known for and these videos stick out like a sore thumb in her story, because i am pretty much the only one to ask her to do anything of the sort. That being said, she is really, really good at performing the OTT madness I love to see. I have done a lot of videos with her and she definitely gets better with each one. I don’t have the time to review as many of them as I want to, but let’s take a look at this one as an example. This is actually the beginning of a 3 part series. Here in part one it’s pretty much exactly what you would expect from me, some POV boxing action, with a lot of KOs and ever more OTT reactions. Nastya is flawless in her performance here and I love it. Part 2 didn’t get released in her story, probably because C4S said no, but that one is “Round 2”. It starts out with Nastya already KO’d from this beatdown. She takes a really long time to struggle back to her feet, punch drunk as hell, only to find the POV back and looking for more action. Another KO filled, mostly ragdoll OTT fight goes down, once again leaving Nastya out cold on the mats. Then in part 3, titled “Sluggish Body and Sore Face” Nastya is found unconscious yet again, only this time by a friend who tries to wake her and help her, but she is too far gone and can’t be woken up. The POV does all he can including putting her in a tub full of water to try and get her to come to, but after failing with that idea as well, he tucks the twitching, drooling Nastya in bed to hopefully sleep it off. These videos are really inexpensive and totally worth checking out. Nastya is so much better at these kinds of videos than you would ever expect from someone who has done no boxing, or wrestling, much less OTT nonsense like this in the past. Check her out and tell her I sent you! 

Overall Score 10/10