Review of FF01-Juan VS Jiao

Review of The Legendary Boxing ClubFF01-Juan VS Jiao – 20 mins

Jiao is a spy, she wants to steal an important document in the room. While she’s finding she gets caught by Juan who is there as a guard. Because Jiao looks stronger than Juan, so she doesn’t worry and she even looks down on Jiao, and the fight starts.

I’ve reviewed several videos from the Legendary Boxing Club, all of which have been boxing videos, but lately they have started to extend their catalog by adding some fighting videos. This is an example of their new video where we have kind of a spy vs spy fist fight going on here. One of the big pluses of this change for me is the outfits. Now they can mix in all sorts of clothing, instead of just sports bras, boxing shorts and bare feet, like 90% of their boxing videos have. The fighting style is still mostly unchanged, which is a good thing. Lots of belly punches, some good face punches, with some added slow motion for dramatic effect and of course a healthy amount of drooling / spit takes. I will say this one is also more one- sided than their usual FvF boxing match. Although Jiao does get a little bit of offense in, for most of the fight she’s on her heels as Juan keeps the punishment coming. And it does all come to a close with a KO, a quick KO, but a KO nonetheless. I enjoy this production a lot and adding a fists fights to the lineup, only seems like it will bring more great content to their site.

Overall Score: 9/10