Review of Fatal Audition

Review of Hannah in FetishlandFatal Audition – 11 mins

Our model, Sumiko Dreams, is trying out for a role in a new movie. She has to act out a couple scenes to get the part.

A super simple and well done idea here. This is Sumiko auditioning for a role where she’s likely to get killed. So, she shows off her dying skills. Through several different scenes Sumiko finds a new way to meet her end, all of them look great and Sumiko is obviously very convincing. We all know just how good Sumiko is at selling, just about anything. There’s a little bit of twitching and some tongue protrusion, for you OTT people, like myself. I love her outfit, the sexy little jean shorts and tank that shows off all of her super fit belly, is an excellent choice. This is a nice variety pack of scenes where Sumiko shows off her beautiful demise. And in the end, she walks away to remind everyone she was only pretending.

Overall Score: 9/10