Review of Faith Gets Revenge on Galas!

Review of Galas Balloons and Fetish Clips Faith Gets Revenge on Galas! – 21 mins

Galas is waiting in the mat room, when Faith arrives, without warning Faith low blows Galas from behind. Galas falls to her knees, as She begins trying to get up and Faith punt kicks Galas right in the face, knocking her lights out. Galas twitches as she lays on her back. Faith smiles and removes Galas top and chokes Galas with it. Galas eyes roll to the back of her head, her tongue falls out and she twitches more, but she is still completely knocked out. Faith releases Galas and she continues to twitch, with her eye rolled back in her head. Faith plays with Galas breasts before she pins Galas for 10 count. Next Faith applies the mandible claw on Galas. Galas doesn’t wake up but Faith doesn’t let go. Galas’ eyes roll back and she twitches, but Faith still doesn’t let go. She caresses Galas and after a while she lets go. Galas tongue falls out of her mouth and she keeps twitching with her eyes rolled back. Faith goes for another 10 count pin. After she removes Galas’ thong, leaving her completely naked except for her shoes. Next Faith puts Galas on a guillotine choke. Galas’ body hangs as she continues to twitch. She checks Galas arms before letting her go. Faith lets Galas go and goes for a pin. She counts to ten, after ten she shoves Galas’ thong into Galas’ mouth. Galas still remains helpless and unresponsive. Next Faith puts Galas in a sleeper hold. Galas again remains out, but she starts drooling profusely while twitching. Faith finds this incredibly amusing, she pulls Galas thong from her mouth and keeps wrenching the hold more and more causing Galas to drool more and more. Finally, after quite some time and a whole lot of drooling, she lets Galas go and goes for another 10 count pin. Faith has finally had enough fun rag dolling poor twitchy Galas all over the place and wants to end this, but first she wants Galas to admit her defeat. She slaps Galas in the face with the intent of waking her up, but Galas stays out. Faith tries hard, but still nothing. She starts to punch Galas in the belly, still trying to get her up, but again Galas remains out. Faith tries a few more tactics to get Galas to come to, but nothing works, Galas is too far gone. Surprise additions to this custom video:  full nelson, sneaker and sock removal with sock choke, body splash, leg drop

Once I saw Galas had her own series of ragdoll videos that were really OTT, I knew I had to get one for myself. I already covered one of these videos where Galas gets dominated by Kobe and another one where she gets to ragdoll Faith all around. This time Faith is the one in control and she is looking for some serious revenge. Galas gets knocked out early and stays out while Faith does as she pleases with Galas’ limp and twitching body. Of course this includes stripped Galas of her tiny bikini and pinning her repeated. I love how amazing Galas is at selling here. From the moment she goes out, until Faith’s victory pose Galas is non-stop with her OTT reactions, which of course is exactly what I wanted to see. The way she says unresponsive during each hold, her excellent eye rolling, tongue out and drooling was such a great reminder of just how underrated Galas is as a jobber. I can truly say, without a doubt, that Galas is one of the best jobbers I’ve ever seen. These videos where already must see videos, before I got a custom one, so you know this one is not to be missed. And I really hope we can see a bunch more of these videos where poor Galas get knocked out and ragdolled again and again. I know I’ll be asking for more as soon as possible.


Overall score: 10/10