Review of Faith Dominates Galas Round 2!

Review of Review of Galas Balloons and Fetish ClipsFaith Dominates Galas Round 2! – 22 mins

Faith is very dominant in this match she like agressively ragdolls Galas and displays and toys with Galas. She trash talks Galas a lot and teases her. She plays with Galas breast. And womanhandles Galas all match long. Galas is wearing two headbuns and oversized purple panties. Long socks and wrestling boots. Shes waiting for her next oponent is a very important match faith walks in. And Galas tells her to leave she doesn’t have time. They start arguing and Faith low blows Galas and grabs her in a guillotine until Galas is out.Faith then still holding on to the guillotine wedgies the limp Galas. And displays it by showing Galas ass to the camera. She then gives the limp Galas a stunner thst knocks Galas completely out. Faith gives Galas a kiss on the cheek and wishes her goodluck. The cameras return and Galas is on her back with her ass in the air in a matchbook position. Faith laughs and pulls the limp Galas up, Galas is extremely limp and drooling all over the place and herself. Faith tells her she loved the powerbomb ending. She grabs Galas again in a guillotine chokeand plays with limp Galas, Galas goes so limp that she cant stand and slips from Faith’s hold. Faith laughs and stands over Galas and puts her feet on Galas’ face. Faith tells her our match starts now. She grabs Galas and pulls her to her knees Galas is out and Faith grabs her panties and gives Galas a massive front wedgie Galas wakes up screaming and Faith grabs her in a chokewhile wedging Galas. Galas taps desperately and Faith pulls harder, Galas scream and then her eyes go cross eye and roll to the back of her head. Faith doesnt let Galas fall she brutally launches Galas face burst into the mat. She then rolls Galas over aggressively and puts one hand on Galas face pressing her face agaisnt the floor and grabs one leg for a pin before three she lifts Galas head of the ground. She sits Galas and grabs Galas breast and smacks it. Squishes Galas face. Faith the says i wanna see how much i can make you drool. She throws Galas to the side wedgied her and smacks Galas ass. Then removes Galas panties. She pulls Galas on her knees andchokesGalas out with it Galas drools and starts twitching and Faith pulls harder. Galas becomes a mess and then goes completely out. Faith doesn’t let Galas fall. She holds her and whispers in Galas your my bitch. Galas eyes are white, Faith pulls Galas head back n kusses Galas neck. Then grabs her in a dragon sleeper. Galas is limp on her kness Faith smacks Galas breasts and checks her arms. She then gets angry and throws Galas away. She lifts Galas face of the ground and shoves Galas panties into her mouth Galas eyes are white. Faith turns Galas around and spreads her legs and sits on Galas face and pulls Galas legs and counts each count smacking Galas ass. Faith sits Galas up and shows the camera Galas face she says she looked pale. She brings cupcakes and sits Galas up. Then squishes shoves the cupcake in Galas mouth then grabs the other ones and puts them all over Galas face. She then pulls the limp Galas up, Galas cant stand on her own. Faith grabs Galas in a ddt position the camera shows Galas’ face covered in cupcake and out. And faith tells the camera say goodnight bitch and plants a ddt that leaves Galas out. Faith starts laughing and grabs Galas face and shows the camera. Galas eyes are on the back of her head. Faith tells her its been fun but its over for you. She throws Galas to the side and puts Galas black large panties back on. She sits on Galas face and twerks in Galas face. She then goes for a pin, she grabs Galas black panties and gives her a front wedgie. She counts to ten pulling harder. Also last thing can you add an overkill sleeperhold where Faith doesn’t let go an Galas turns red completely passed and Faith just pulls and galas drools mouth opens and tongues comes. Her eyes turn completely white and Faith gives her a kiss. Next victory trophy pose Faith standing holding Galas by the hair. Similar to the pic. For the ending ill leave it up to you guys for a surprise ending like last time.

Here we have another one of these amazing Galas squash matches, once again Galas goes down at the hands of Goddess Faith. I keep telling you guys that all of these videos in this series, where Galas faces incredibly over the top defeats are all worth checking out. This is another example of a great one. Things start out with Galas actually getting ready to have a match with someone else, when Faith comes in to ruin her day. After some shit talking, Faith KOs Galas with a stunner and leaves her twitching on the mats to wait for her actual opponent to show up. Of course Galas gets crushed in her match (off screen) and Faith comes back to lick the scraps of what’s left of Galas. That’s when we get the super over the top, humiliating, ragdoll squash match that I really can’t get enough of. Faith does a few different wrestling moves, some weddies, strips off the little bit of clothing Galas had on, and does several different pins too. However the ending of this one is really something fun. I did give a little bit of it away in the screen caps and GIF, but there’s a bit more that I didn’t want to show you guys. Just know, this is another great, great video that OTT fans, like myself, shouldn’t live without seeing. 

Overall Score: 10/10