Review of Drooly Shadow Boxing Luna Lain

Review of Luna LainDrooly Shadow Boxing Luna Lain – 22 mins

With Luna Lain! Stripping my shiny robe, I’m nude except for my Adidas sneakers. Taking a swig of water, I adjust the elastic on my boxing gloves and carefully put them on. Sitting on the corner of the ring with a mouthguard in, my legs are spread and my oiled body is ready to fight. We’re virtual fighting and sparring with fast jabs. My legs dance and my bouncing tits are a sexy distraction. I don’t mind playing up my assets if boob bouncing works. You give me some hard hooks and I falter and gasp, but try to keep my A game. I fall to the ground and get up, sitting in my corner until the next round. Removing my boxer gloves and mouth guard, I drink water and stretch before regloving. Grunting and gasping with spit, I’m getting my punches in but getting tired. My next break reveals a big string of drool and I sweat soaked. Pouring water over my head, it feels good as I silently psyche myself up for the next round hoping I can do the victory pose instead of being knocked out. KO’s are so embarrassing.  This is one of the hardest fights I have ever done, but we will keep the outcome a surprise!

Got another really cool POV boxing video here, this one from the love Luna Lain and as the title suggests, this one is really all about her drooling during the fight. That’s the only OTT aspect of this video, but there is a lot of it, which is great. Another great thing about this one is Luna is wearing nothing more than her boots and her gloves. She also has a big mouth guard in, which makes it hard for her to close her mouth, but is great for all the drooling that happens in this vid. Not being too big on bare feet myself, it is a huge bonus for me that she has boots on. This fight goes for 3 rounds, each round ending with a knockdown. Luna loses the first, takes the second and gets totally knocked out in the third. I love that Luna is pretty exhausted throughout the fight and is all sweaty, making her wonderful body even better to watch as she hops around taking punches to the face and belly. I also like that in between rounds, Luna takes a seat, gets a drink and does some stretching, showing off that sweaty body even more. This is a pretty fun video, of course I love the drooling and the knockout, but the sweaty body and full nudity are pretty great to see too. I would hope that one day Luna would get a rematch and we get to see her do this all again.

Overall Score: 9/10