Review of Dizzy Peyton

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsDizzy Peyton – 21 mins

This custom video is a sequel to the popular “Dizzy Becca” and features the lovely Peyton. You enter the studio to find an unconscious Peyton twitching on the ring mat. When you wake her up she struggles to her feet and in a punch-drunk stupor thinks that you’re the guy who knocked her out. She demands a rematch and tries to attack you. You hit her with an uppercut and the fun begins! She drops unconscious, then for the remainder of the video she tries in vain to stand but only stumbles back to the mat as she goes in and out of unconsciousness. Her eyes are glazed over, crossed, and fluttering. She twitches and her tongue hangs out as she lies on the mat. When she finally gets to her feet, she’s so dazed and dizzy that she punches the air, falls into the ropes, and continually drops to the mat. You hit her a few more times, dropping her then try to help her stand only for her to fall again and again. In the end, after you’ve taken your victory pose and left, Peyton wakes up and we have fun watching her try to leave the ring … only to finally fall through the ropes to land spread eagle and unconscious on the carpet. We know you’ll enjoy Peyton’s fun performance!

This is my second attempt at making this pretty silly style video, after seeing how the Dizzy Becca vid turned out. I made some adjustments to the script and had Peyton give it a go. And I feel like this one turned out better, not to any fault of Becca’s or Rick’s. I just think this script made the action move along better and felt a little more natural. Of course Peyton’s talents definitely help, her twitching is ridiculous. She is more “fish out  of water” than anyone I can think of and when you’re looking for over the top reactions, that kind of twitching just works excellently.  Also, Peyton’s other over the top reactions are top tier as well, I absolutely love her tongue out and eye crossing, it’s legendary in my opinion. As for the overall idea of this “dizzy” series, I think I now have the right script for other FWR ladies to give it a go. I am highly interested in going with Persphone or Jackie, who have both done customs for me in the past, or maybe go with someone totally new, like Anaid, Honey or Larz. I guess you’ll just have to wait and see. 

Overall Score: 10/10