Review of Dizzy Becca

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsDizzy Becca – 21 mins

This creative custom features Becca meeting you in the ring, excited to box you. She steps toward you and into your huge uppercut! She drops, unconscious. For the remainder of the 20 minutes she tries in vain to stand but only stumbles back to the mat as she goes in and out of unconsciousness. Her eyes are glazed over, crossed, and fluttering. She twitches and her tongue hangs out as she lies on the mat. When she finally gets to her feet, she’s so dazed and dizzy that she punches the air, falls into the ropes, and continually drops to the mat. You begin to have fun with her by pushing her down and shoving her with your boot. In the end, after you’ve taken your victory pose and left, Becca wakes up and we have fun watching her try to leave the ring … only to finally fall through the ropes to land spread eagle and unconscious on the carpet. We know you’ll enjoy Becca’s fun performance!

This was a fun and simple idea that Rick and Becca absolutely knocked out of the park. It really is just what it sounds like, most of the time we watch as Becca stumbles around the ring, trying desperately to get back to her feet, only to fail over and over again. Then as soon as she does get back up, Rick is there to knock her right back out with another haymaker and the whole process starts over again. I love Becca’s performance, she is, as always, picture perfect. She does a wonderful job with the OTT reactions and is all over the place with her dazed struggles to get back to her feet. However, I may have made this idea a little too simple, it kinda feels slow at times like it needed to move on to the next thing already. And that happens when I don’t put enough content into a script to fill the time and it is no fault of Becca’s or Rick’s. That being said, Becca is one of the best jobbers on the planet and seeing getting knocked out repeatedly is always worth watching. And I made a few adjustments to this script and tried it again with Peyton, which I’ll be reviewing for you guys soon.

Overall score: 9.9/10