Review of Dino Demise: Red vs Blue

Review of DefeatedDino Demise: Red vs Blue – 15.5 mins

We’ve seen a few of these Dino Rangers go meet their demise to varies different baddies, but for the first time ever we have some Dino on Dino action for you as Red Dino (Amirah) takes on Blue Dino (Gina). Red seems to be a little talkative, telling Blue that she’s going to destroy her, but talk is cheap. Blue Dino Ranger doesn’t say a word and just wraps herself behind red and locks on a sleeper hold putting Red out quick and easy, leaving Red drooling on her arm. A few mins later we see Red waking up and making it back to her feet, Blue walks back in and Red starts talking trash again. Again Blue says nothing, but hits Red with a three punch KO combo that drops red to the couch in an instant, with her eyes rolling, tongue out and drooling. This pattern continues as Blue Ranger continue to beat down Red, living her down, out, twitching and drooling. Of course no Dino Demise is complete without so kind of water torture, this time Red is place in a full tub as water jets kick off, she beings twitching and drooling, soon the tub starts to fill with foam and she follows suit, as her drooling turns to foam and she continues to twitch the night away. Another Dino bites the dust.

More Defeated action for you guys and I had to bring you another video this update, because there is more Amirah destruction for me to talk about. There has been several of these dino ranger videos, but none of them have caught my attention like this one. They have all had KOs and drooling, but this one makes it more of a one sided beatdown and it stars Amirah. The one and only complaint I have about this one is the body suits, I am just not a fan of covering these beautiful bodies for neck to toe, even if it’s with something that is skin tight. Other than that rather minor gripe, this is an excellent OTT beatdown. Amirah starts out talking tough, but gets put down super easy. Each KO has drooling, tongue protrusion and eye rolling. Sometimes there’s twitching too, but most of the twitching is saved for the tub scene and this one part where Gina is pretty much standing one Amirah’s neck. The combination of Amirah’s selling and the change to a more beatdown style video is what makes this video great for me. Amirah does great eye rolling, drooling and tongue protrusion, which gets to be on full display here. I always love to praise Amirah for her selling and this only makes me want to praise her more, just so much great selling here. I would like to see this kind of quick OTT KOs in something that doesn’t involve these full body suits.

Overall Score: 9.5/10