Review of Death Dojo

Review of Hot but DangerousDeath Dojo – 12.5 mins

This is another “new to me” production I recently stumbled across. Unfortunately, for me, they don’t have written descriptions for their videos either. So, I’ll try to quickly sum the video up, before getting into the review. This is a mixed fistfight where the masked male, “Ravager” beats the absolute crap out of the female fighter, Melissa. Melissa starts out thinking she stood a chance in this fight, but quickly finds out just how wrong she was. Ravager uses everything in the gym to inflict damage on Melissa, as well as using some wrestling holds and some good old fashioned fisticuffs. There’s some blood spilt along the way, and lots of spit/drool. In the end, he snaps her neck, to finish her off, keeping to the threat he made at the beginning of the video.

I love finding new and promising productions. This company, Hot but Dangerous (HBD), might not be all that new, as they have a plenty of videos in their store, but they are new to me, so it’s just as exciting. They do all sorts of fighting content, fem vs fem, boxing, superheroine and mixed, where the guy doesn’t always win or always dominate. Of course personally, I just want the maledom content which is why I choose this video to start with. It’s also my favorite from what I’ve seen from them so far. It’s brutal, it’s creative and it’s done really well. Melissa is an absolute beauty and sells this beatdown pretty well. I love all the spitting and drooling that happens here, but I could skip the fake blood. I love that Ravager uses everything he can find in the gym to hit Melissa with, including a giant tire, a rope, what I believe is a pull up bar and all sorts of stuff. The also just uses he’s fists and feet, which work just as well as any other weapon and some wrestling holds for some added torture. Put it all together, it’s a really well paced and creative beating, that I really enjoyed. There’s also a few short KOs along the way and most of the time Melissa is helpless and totally at his mercy. I also love Melissa’s outfit, she came here for a fight and she’s dressed appropriately. Overall, for a first impression this video hit the spot. Of course now I want to see more videos like this, that go ever further with the brutality and where the victim gives us a really over the top performance where she’s left in a broken and twitchy mess. I think these guys can really deliver what I have in mind.

Overall Score: 9.5/10