Review of Death Dojo II

Review of HotButDangerousDeath Dojo II – 16 mins

HotButDangerous doesn’t put written descriptions in their previews, so I’ll sum this video up for you guys quickly before getting into the review. This is a pre-planned mixed fight with Jackson vs Juliet. Juliet starts off confident, but when she realizes that her attacks to do little to no damage, she begins to question herself. Jackson lets her attack him early and then goes on the attack. He dominates and is completely merciless. Juliet never stood a chance and got totally destroyed. Jackson not only wins but humiliates Juliet with lots of submission holds, strikes and in the end leaves her topless, bloody and knocked out.

If you guys saw my review of the first Death Dojo video, you have some idea of what you can expect from this one. However, this one introduces two things that the other one didn’t have. One of the two things I love, the other I can deal without. For those that did not see the first Death Dojo, this is a mixed fight, that is a clear mismatch, just like the other was. Juliet thinks she’s got a chance, but learns quickly she doesn’t. She’s hit with a good amount of strikes and just into several nice submission holds. She’s knocked out several times, gets the spit knocked out of her mouth and left drooling, all things I love to see. Also, she gets her top taken, which I think is a first and only time that’s happened at HBD. That is something I do love to see, hopefully get more topless beatdowns in the future. The other thing they added to this one was some fake blood, which is not new to HBD, but is new to the Death Dojo. I don’t hate fake blood, I just don’t think it works very well in most videos. Otherwise, this is a great and merciless beatdown. I think Juliet looks great and sells well, while Jackson really does a good job putting her through the wringer and using his environment as a weapon. I have seen a good handful or videos for HBD and I feel that these Death Dojo videos are my favorite so far, but more reviews to come for them soon, so we’ll see.

Overall Score: 9.5/10