Review of Deadly Wrestling For Lora

Review of Lady FightDeadly Wrestling For Lora – 15.5 mins

This video doesn’t have an official description, but long story short, Lora tries to take on two guys and although things start well for her, she just doesn’t stand a chance versus two guys. Lora is completely overpowered and dominated, suffering multiple KOs and even a little ragdolling at the end after she is defeated.

This is the other video from Lady Fight that I mentioned in my other review from this production. This one is just excellence in brutality. Lora gets absolutely destroyed in this clip by these two thugs. There’s lots of striking, submission holds and plenty of KOs along the way. Again the amazing fight choreography is on full display here as everything just looks excellent. I love that these two thugs keep waking Lora up for more beating after she gets knocked out. She ends up looking really out of it a lot as the two of them work her over. It’s also awesome to see a fight like this with Lora dressed in a bra, mini skirt and high heel boots. It’s an amazing look that we don’t get to see too often. The really cherry on top of this video is after Lora is completely beaten and out cold, they drag her limp body back up for one more move where she is totally unresponsive and just ragdolling her for a little while. It’s a short section, but really gave this awesome video an excellent bonus. If you didn’t bite on the last Lady Fight video I review, then you have to see this one. I couldn’t be more impressed with this video.

Overall Score: 10/10