Review of Clumsy Macy

Review of Girls Getting SleepyClumsy Macy – 11.5 mins

Macy is visiting her close guy friend. They played video games and ate pizza all afternoon and it’s time for her to leave. But Macy is so clumsy that she keeps running into the wall on her way out. Each time she hits her head against the wall, she knocks herself unconscious. Her friend can’t let the opportunity go to waste so he plays with her limp body while she’s knocked out, and undresses her a bit. Each time she wakes up, she is embarrassed that she knocked herself out, and even more embarrassed that her clothes “keep falling off”.

I got to hand it to GGS on this one, I really did find this one really fun and entertaining. This is something a little different from their knocked silly videos, but still provides the goofy selling and KOs. I know I tend to complain that a lot of their vids are the same idea, so I got to say that this one is a nice change to the usual formula, without losing the things that make GGS what it is. I love Macy, she is such a wonderful talent, with an excellent personality. Acting, selling, and great looks, Macy has got it all! She nails this clumsy gimmick and sells the KOs perfectly. I love how she sells the KOs, they’re a bit silly, but not like she’s being tickled silly. I love the stripping while Macy is out and it makes it even better that when she wakes up she thinks her clothes fell off, making you completely innocent of any wrongdoing, while she was sleeping. This video works out great and I really enjoyed it. 

Overall Score: 9.5/10