Review of Cheap Shot Sheena Rose And Sinn Sage

Review of Sinn Sage DreamsCheap Shot Sheena Rose And Sinn Sage – 37 mins

Sheena Rose and I (Sinn Sage) are smack talking before our boxing match. She throws the first punch, but a simple face punch surprises her. Maybe she didn’t realize my strength but her eyes glaze and she stumbles as I continue making contact. She’s jumping and trying to maintain her cool, but she’s down on the ground and awkwardly tries to stand, refusing to quit. The whites of her eyes show but refuses to get knocked out. Her goal of getting me tired isn’t working well, but I applaud her fight strategy. I start my countdown when she’s facing down on the ground, but her ass bounces and she’s back for more jabs. Up and down she goes like a rubber doll, making funny faces with crossed eyes, but she come back for more punching torment! I’m laughing at how there’s no knock outs but she takes it like a stoic weakling. She doesn’t stop me from stripping her green bikini. Humiliating hair pulling and body groping doesn’t phase her and she finally gets a twitching KO. Later, I’m flexing in a victory pose and don’t see her sneaking up for a cunt busting! Gasping and convulsing, she tells me she knows my weakness for pussy! My face contorts into comedic eye crossing as I wobble around the room until falling down. She humiliates me for being weak as she’s hopping and bouncing around me. Her sneakers shake my big booty and she rouses for more bodybusting. She’s lap sitting while I’m helpless to her face punches. Even though I’m knocked out, I’m embarrassed to have my ass in the air and twitching as she strips my bikini. I’m aware as she butt punches my big ass and I’m ready to fight but her fast swings and smack talk are too fast for my slow mind. While I’m and KO’ed, she gropes my body through her boxing gloves before face punching and bitch talking. After her fun, she leaves me a twitching mess.

This is another one of my customs, this one from the amazing Sinn Sage, who’s been a favorite of mine forever. So, it was a huge honor for me to be able to get this custom done. Sinn suggested her friend Sheena Rose for this video and that was a great idea. I only had Sheena lose in the early parts of this, because I didn’t know what her selling would be like. So, this was kind of a test, but Sheena is amazing. She’s really high energy and can really sell this silly OTT style. I loved her right away and will definitely do more with her when I get the opportunity again. However, this is really Sinn’s show and of course the legendary Sinn Sage does an amazing job with every bit of this custom. She’s fantastic with all the OTT reactions I love to see. Her body is a wonderland and it just so awesome to see Sinn taking a beatdown like this. Even though this is a little bit of an odd video to see from Sinn’s production, we all know how great she is at perform fantasy combat. This is definitely a video you don’t want to miss, Sinn and Sheena are beautiful and excellent in every way. I cannot wait to work with Sinn and Sheena again.

Overall Score: 11/10