Review of Caught in the Act

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Caught in the Act – 11 mins

When Kat and Lo finish up a wrestling practice they head into the dressing room to see Becca pulling cash from Lo’s bag. When confronted, Becca denies it then charges out before the girls can stop her. Cut to one week later when Lo and Kat wait for Becca to come for a match. They ATTACK and a double-team beat down begins! One girl holds Becca’s arms behind her as the other girl slugs her in the gut then they trade places. They send her spinning with face punches and hold her against the wall for more belly punishment. Lo positions Becca by the couch then sends her flying back with a hard uppercut where they continue the double-team belly punches. Poor Becca’s belly gets red from the punishment and a final double belly punch sends her to dreamland. Lo and Kat leave Becca in a puddle on the carpet as we fade out.

There’s a lot of things I love to see from FWR, but if there is one thing that I love most of all and that is a Becca beatdown. This one has a great set up, where Lo and Kat just about catch Becca stealing, hence the title, but they aren’t perfectly sure at the time and Becca literally cuts and runs before they can make sure they saw what they think they saw. Off cam and after Becca split, the were able to confirm their suspicions and that’s when the plan to wait for Becca and beat the crap out of her, which is exactly what happens. Becca shows up, catches a huge two on one beatdown, that mostly focuses on belly punches, but there’s some face punches mixed in as well. Becca, of course, sells amazingly as does Lo and Kat, who don’t take a dollar from Becca, but definitely get their money’s worth in punches. In the end Becca is left face down and unconscious on the FWR studio floor, left to think about what she’s done and if it was worth it. 

Overall Score: 9.5/10