Review of Catfight Aftermath 2

Review of Ghosty’s Fetish BoxCatfight Aftermath 2 – 34 mins

I left Rae to officiate a catfight between Emma and Kitty and that was clearly a mistake. I return to both girls unconscious and no Rae. I try to at least find out who won but the girls declare themselves the winner and promptly lose consciousness from a fight no one will ever see! Maybe if I play around long enough they’ll wake up long enough to give me more information.

With the original “Catfight Aftermath” being one of my favorite clips from Ghosty’s store, even though I never reviewed it. It is a great one and you guys should still go check that one out. I asked for basically the same thing, two girls totally knocked out after fighting each other, for who knows how long. Then what you get is Darryl playing with the mostly knocked out cold Emma and Kitty for 30 mins. There’s tons of limp play, some carrying, some stripping a little bit of nudity and of course this being made for me, there are no bare feet and there is some twitching, but not like the crazy OTT twitching you would normally expect from my customs. This twitching is more based in some sense of reality and is more subtle, but it’s still there and I love it. This being a Ghosty’s Fetish Box  clip there are of course some general silliness, like Emma coming conscious just enough to hear something about Subway and asking where’s her food before passing out again. Or Darryl complementing Emma’s boot, knowing damn well he wishes he could just take them off. And of course player 3 entering the game as Rae eventually shows up and gets just what’s coming to her, having failed her assignment yet again. I just love the natural silly stuff that happens in these videos. Overall, everyone did a great job in this and is definitely worth checking out. 

Overall Score: 10/10