Review of Careful What You Ask For

Review of Lady2FightCareful What You Ask For – 21 mins 

As per usual, Lady2Fight doesn’t have written descriptions, but this one is going to be easy to summarize, because it’s my custom, which of course I’ll get into so details on that in the review. First, to quickly go over what happens in this video. Lora is looking for a boxing opponent, so calls out for anyone to come take her one. Eric answers the call, Lora is a bit thrown off to see Eric, but accepts anyway. The match starts and Lora comes out giving everything she’s got, but Eric is unaffected and soon easily takes full control. Lora keeps the fighting spirit for a little while but soon suffers a massive knockout that puts her on cloud nine for the rest of the match, which is ended only when Eric feels like she’s had enough. Of course this being my custom, there’s lots of OTT stuff, including a glorious amount of drool/spitting.

Those of you that keep up with the random babblings of this madman know, I have been quite impressed with the Lady2Fight production and especially with the performances of its owner, Lora. So I was pretty excited to jump at the opportunity to order a custom with them. And I am happy to say that every step of the custom making process went very well. When my order was taken, I was given a date when I could expect delivery and I was lucky enough to receive my video well before that estimated date. The video was excellently produced and included every detail I wanted to see. All my OTT reactions were there in abundance and sold excellently. They followed the script to tee, outfits and everything were as I wanted. For the first time ordering with a production I was very impressed with how well everything turned out. And what a video this is too. A total one sided boxing beatdown with plenty of knockdowns and knockouts. Great dazed and out of it reactions from Lora. Eric put in a hell of a dominant performance. The best part of this was Lora getting punched out of the ring. When I wrote this in the script I expected Lora to go through the ropes, because that would be the sane, safer thing to do, but she actually went over the ropes, which was insane and awesome and really put a high spot on a key turning point in the match. Overall, Lady2Fight has met and surpassed my expectations, delivered an awesome custom that I think fits both their style video and my style of action. I wouldn’t hesitate to order with these guys again and wouldn’t hesitate to advise you guys to as well. A really awesome OTT boxing video that I think you guys will love.

Overall Score: 11/10