Review of Can’t Handle her Drink

Review of Kayla ObeyCan’t Handle her Drink – 33 mins

Kayla comes home, stumbling through her door and super happy. She’s just spent the night out on the town. She even walks in still carrying an empty water bottle. She’s smiling as she makes her way into her bedroom, almost falling over a few times. Meanwhile, something is watching her… She clumsily removes her coat and heels, which reveals her clean sexy feet. She tries to take another drink from her empty bottle. “Aw damn, all gone.” Her eyes roll, then she falls face first onto her bed. Her eyes roll and tongue sticks slightly out until she falls completely still, soundly resting. She begins snoring. While she is out, whatever has been watching her takes a glance at her bare soles. Every so often she snorts loudly with a twitch, before returning to her regular snoring. Her arms are lifted up from the bed, Kayla still entirely out of it and snoring loudly. A ghost seems to have infiltrated Kayla’s home, and is quite taken with her body.  Her arms lift and drop onto the bed. Her hand is lifted and played with. And she is turned over onto her back. She is still snoring, totally unaware of the ghost exploring her body’s limpness. The ghost uses Kayla’s own hands to grab Kayla’s cheeks and squeeze them together. As her cheeks are squeezed, drool drips from her mouth. The ghost props open her eyes, then shuts them. Then stretches her mouth as wide as it can go. The ghost uses her hands to pull her tongue out, holding it there before letting go, where it stays flopped outside of her mouth. Once the ghost is finished with her face he lifts up one leg, straight up into the air. It lets her leg go, and when it flops onto the bed it stirs something in Kayla and she rouses. She moans a bit, trying to sit up, still loopy from her night out. She looks super tired as she sits up. “God, I’m so done.” She reaches for the bottle again.  But her arms then reaches out in front of her, swaying the bottle from side to side. She continues to sit there, watching what’s happening in front of her, just looking super confused. “I must be REALLY done.” She hits herself in the head with the bottle. She groans and sways in a daze, while her eyes go cross-eyed and her tongue sticking way out. She falls back onto the bed, still cross-eyed and now drooling and eventually begins to snore once more. Her body begins to twitch, jolting every few seconds. The ghost has removed Kayla’s clothes and she has been stripped down to a micro bikini top and thong. She is still laying on the bed, tongue out and twitching. Her legs are slowly lifted, admired, and dropped. The ghost has resumed his limp body play with the lovely Kayla. He moves her feet around, admiring her soles, wrinkling and spreading them. Starting with her right foot, then her left, and then both at the same time. Toes moving, ankles being turned, everything. All of a sudden her feet lay still, the ghost is no longer playing with them, but they twitch every few seconds. The ghost has ragdolled Kayla and folded her legs over her head. She is snoring like this for a while, before giving a sudden loud snort that wakes her. “What the hell??” She’s confused and lets her legs fall, sitting up. She holds her head, since all her partying has given her a headache. “What is going on? I think I had too much tonight…I’m sooo thirsty, I need a drink. No. Not a drink….just plain water.” She doesn’t even bother to put on clothes, and makes her way to the kitchen for a glass of water. After the water, she heads back to bed. But stops short when she notices her hands moving and raising themselves on their own. “Um…okay, there is no way I am this gone.” She looks at them in shock. Suddenly, both of her hands grasp at her throat. Squeezing tight. She struggles and is thrown against a wall. “Please…what are you?” She is frightened and confused. She gasps for air as her tongue goes wild, and eyes cross and roll. Drool comes from her mouth. She is thrown down to the couch, hands still tight around her neck. Her legs kick, toes scrunching, all while she gasps for air, attempting to free herself and scream but can’t. Her feet continue to kick and struggle and are finally still. Her body starts to twitch, a quick violent jolt every few seconds. Meanwhile she continues to convulse, her eyes rolled back into her head not entirely shut. Kayla has been buried under the couch cushion.  She’s on her back with just her arms and legs sticking out. Her feet are propped up on the back of the couch. She is still except for twitching every few moments, and she is snoring loudly beneath the cushion. After a while she begins moaning, extremely groggily, as her feet slowly move, stretching, wrinkling, spreading. She pulls herself out from beneath the cushions and wipes the drool from her mouth. She just sits there, taking it all in for a few seconds. “Wow…I really need to stop partying…fuck. Who am I kidding, I’m just going to do this again next weekend. …I wonder where I’ll end up next time.” She chuckles to herself and pulls herself up, stretching a bit. “Well, I guess it’s time to go to work.”

It’s been a little while since Kayla has released a vid that’s really tickled my fancy, but finally I got a really fun and unique one. Kayla comes home drunk, passes out and gets played with by herself and some invisible foe. She also gets attacked by said invisible foe, knocking her out in a really fantastic way. Kayla ends up in a lot of sexy positions and some funny ones. There’s a bunch of OTT stuff too, like tons of twitching, some tongue out, eye rolling and drooling. One of the drooling scenes is really awesome, as Kayla is being choked against the wall, by the invisible foe, she lets out a big mouth full of drool that just spills all over the place, I love it. There’s a lot of close up feet views, as the description warns. I’m not a big bare foot fan, so this was a bit too much feet for me, but for those of you that love bare feet, there’s a ton of good close ups of Kayla’s feet here. This is a clip that isn’t meant to be taken seriously and provides a few good laughs, which is something I love to see and is only made better with Kayla’s OTT reactions. I always love just how great Kayla is at making amazing solo content like this.

Overall score: 9/10