Review of Cammy vs Vivian: Apartment Boxing

Review of Knuckles and BeautiesCammy vs Vivian: Apartment Boxing – 8.5 mins

Cammy Aran and Vivian Rogue battle it out to see who the better boxer.  Cammy bring her speed, but Vivian is a brawler.  Side not most of the body shots are real. This is a three round boxing match that ends in a knockout. Watch until the end for a small belly punch outtake.

A new production to join the rank is Knuckles and Beauties, or as I’ll call them, K&B. Their plan is to focus on boxing and bare fisted fights, which is great for me, because I love boxing videos. This is one of their first vids, which introduces us to two new ladies. Cammy, a lovely fit girl, who seems to have at least a little real fighting skills and Vivian, a cute blond with tattoos, who may have never fought before in her life, but hey, looks can be deceiving. So, from the opening warm up, I was already making my match predictions and to my surprise Vivian goes on to pretty much dominate Cammy. And I actually loved that, because it was unexpected. That being said, the action here is very amateur, which is fine. I mean no one starts out being the best at what they do. The match does give up a few knockdowns, a few quick round breaks and a final KO that has Cammy left sleeping on the mats. As far as first impressions go, this is not a bad place to start. I like these two ladies, I like the action so far and I love boxing vids. So, I don’t know where this production will go from here, but hopefully we’ll see lots more boxing action from them over the years.

Overall Score: 8/10