Review of Cadence Lux in Snooping Spy

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Review of Robot and Limp VideosCadence Lux in Snooping Spy – 15 mins

Top Spy Cadence Lux is looking for a thumb drive containing the codes to every nuclear missile on the planet.  As she looks around the Director’s office another spy sneaks behind her. He surprises her and she begins to seduce him. She shows off her amazing body to distract him. She takes his hand and places it on her breast, as he appears locked onto her breasts she pulls out a and attempts to him. He takes the away and quickly rags her to sleep. He now has the spy sleeping and helpless. He touches her all over and plays with her limp body. Her clothes are removed as he kisses and rag dolls her. She wakes a couple times but she is ragged to sleep. He finally carries her away for more fun in private as the building will remain empty till 6:00 A.M…

I actually don’t know where I got this video from, or when, but tripped over it in my archives recently and thought, I haven’t seen anything with Cadence Lux in a while. Which could be my own fault, I have some many favorites, I can’t keep track of what they’re all up to. Nonetheless, I decided I would review this video just because Cadence is awesome. A very sexy video we got here too, lot of groping, grabbing, rubbing, and sticking his hand in places. But I really love this half-conscious state Cadence is in throughout this video. She’s awake for the most part, but just too weak do defend herself, so dude can do whatever her want and does just that. I love the reactions we get for Cadence, her eye going wide and fluttering as she struggles to stay awake. Finally, she is put all the way out and is carried away. Nothing too fancy here, but Cadence is sexy as hell and makes a wonderful damsel in distress. I definitely need to add her to the search queue and see if I can find more videos like this.

Overall Score: 8.5/10