Review of Brat Beatdown

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBrat Beatdown – 23 mins

This custom video opens with Peyton lounging in the studio bragging about how much hotter, tougher, and stronger than ALL the other FWR girls. Tommie enters and confronts Peyton. When Peyton gives her the finger Tommie grabs her by the throat and gives her an eye-rolling choke out! Tommie then ragdolls the brunette beauty and gives her some belly kicks and face slaps to make sure she’s out. What follows is a major beatdown on poor Peyton who, at times, unsuccessfully tries to fight back. Tommie toys with the girl by challenging her to two contests; a belly punching contest and a chloroform contest. Peyton loses horribly and ends up unconscious on the carpet several times. She’s tied and gagged but manages to escape to the dressing room where she changes into her favorite ripped jeans and attempts to leave but more one-sided fighting ensues with Tommie finally getting Peyton into the ring for some wrestling and face punching. In the end we find sweet Peyton tied to the ropes and gagged with her jeans pulled down and “Brat Beatdown” written on her bare belly. You definitely DON’T want to miss this epic beatdown!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, even though I’m sure I actually have, but I love these videos with Peyton being this bratty girl who gets put in her place by some wrestler all dressed in black. Not only do l love this style of match, I also love the outfits picked out for Peyton in these videos, which have become a bit of a series. The “Peyton catches a fisticuffs style beatdown, wearing jeans” series. I’ve also become such a fan of Peyton in the jeans shorts, I actually start to wish she doesn’t change to the pants half way through. Nonetheless, I am still a fan of Peyton in these outfits. I also really love that these vids have a little bit of OTT reactions with some nice tongue out KOs and I love that Peyton gets ragdolled for just a little bit as well. Peyton is a great jobber, which doesn’t need to be said anymore, but I still like to say it. Tommie is a fun heel, who really dishes out some punishment on poor Peyton and looks great in her all black outfit. This is a great series and I hope to see much more of Peyton catching a fisticuffs style beatdown, wearing jeans.

Overall Score: 9.9/10