Review of Boxing Jackie Jupiter

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBoxing Jackie Jupiter – 20.5 mins

In this over the top custom video, Jackie challenges you to a boxing match that features tons of silly looks, crossed eyes, tongue out, and twitching reactions. The cute red head is confident and cocky at the beginning of this no rounds, no rules match as she connects several punches to your face. But when she stops to trash talk you she gets popped by ten quick jabs. As this entertaining beat down proceeds, Jackie gets increasingly punch drunk and knocked out over and over again! You remove your boxing gloves to have extra fun with blackjack and frying pan ko’s and continually pull the completely dazed and groggy beauty to her feet only to watch her go limp and crumble to the mat. FWR believes this is one of Jackie’s greatest performances so don’t miss it!

As I have mentioned many times in the past, the POV boxing genre has really become my favorite type of video to see and request. Speaking of requests, I spoke to the handsome man running the FWR studios and requested that he shoot a silly OTT boxing video with the lovely Jackie Jupiter. Jackie has really caught my eye in her time at FWR and I have been waiting for the moment that I could ask her to be as OTT as possible. The results are fantastic. Jackie makes great crossed-eyed, tongue out faces as she gets punched all around the ring. Then when she goes down she starts some really wild twitching that really couldn’t be better, in my opinion. And this fight goes on until Jackie is a total ragdoll, who can’t even be woken up any more! Of course this comes with some of that unique and classic FWR Rick humor that you just can’t get anywhere else, which fits excellently into the silly overall feeling of this video. Another thing I loved is the cute red converse Jackie wears that match her big boxing gloves, completing her simple but sexy outfit. Overall, the outcome was fantastic, I love Jackie, love how great she sells here and how great she looks doing it. And this video has just the right amount of humor to make things even more enjoyable! I love working with Rick on this custom and I am looking forward to making more ridiculous videos with him soon! 

Overall Score: 10/10