Review of Boxing Beauties: Lisa vs Mackenzi

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBoxing Beauties: Lisa vs Mackenzi – 18 mins

Lisa and Mackenzi are building a rivalry that will soon equal Peyton and Becca’s epic battles. So, what better way to get them into the ring against one another than by having them put on the boxing gloves and duke it out! The rules are pretty simple, the girls fight until a 10 count knockout and we continue until one of the beauties has scored three knockouts. As you can imagine, Mackenzi and Lisa are equally matched in aggression and boxing ability so this match goes the distance with both beauties scoring 2 knockouts. The final round is a back and forth melee that finally ends in a spectacular knockout punch, dropping the losing girl to the mat with a shocked look in her dazed and glassy eyes before she lays face down and out for the count! Don’t miss this epic boxing battle!

This match was a winner for me for the moment I saw a screenshot. Lisa vs Mackenzi, boxing in bikinis, converse boots and knee pads. I was already in love with it just knowing that. But, thing got even better when I found out this was a multi-round match up, so I don’t get just one KO at the end, but 5 total boxing KOs. My only gripe, and it’s a small one, is that the description says “10 count knockout”, but we only get 5 counts in the video and I think it should have been 10 counts. I like the 5 counts for “Knockout Boxers” series because those matches have a ton of KOs, a faster pace and the 5 count gets you back the action quicker, here a 10 would have been great. Other than that, this was excellent. I am loving both Mackenzi and Lisa, I think they both look great, work great together and give us a great show. I loved that both of them got knocked out along the way and in the end it didn’t really matter who won, they are both awesome, but Mackenzi was dressed in all black, so she won. In the end, I look forward to more matches between Lisa and Mackenzi and more boxing action with boots and knee pads.

Overall Score: 9.5/10