Review of Bianca takes a beating

Review of Defeated Bianca takes a beating – 46 mins

Bianca and Pamela are set to face off today. At the start of the video both ladies are given the opportunity to take some trash to their opponent. They both speak confidently, expecting to easily win today’s fight. The match finally begins and Bianca is the first one to take control. Bianca is able to show off some of her power dominance, for a little while, but unfortunately for her that control doesn’t last too long. Soon Pamela gets the opportunity to battle back and take control. Once Pamela takes control it’s all downhill Bianca as Pamela absolutely crushes Bianca KOing her several times. When Bianca gets KO’d she stays out for quite a while allowing Pamela to ragdoll her opponent over several minutes. Bianca twitches and drools while she’s out. Eventually Bianca comes too, but Pamela remains in control, repeating the process several times, each time Bianca gets KO’d she stays out longer and is even harder to wake up. After several KOs Pamela finally gets Bianca to admit defeat. The final KO and little more ragdolling marks the end of this battle, as Pamela leaves her victim behind.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and I’ve got another really great one for you again. This time we get to see Bianca, who is definitely an up and comer on the Italian side of Defeated, for both winning and losing, get absolutely destroyed. For the relatively short period of time that Bianca has been with Defeated we’ve seen her be an excellent jobber and an excellent hell, she definitely has been a great addition to the roster. Bianca might have started off looking ok, but that quickly goes out the window and before you know it, she’s getting knocked out over and over. Soon enough she doesn’t have much fight left and is basically being ragdolled. With that comes some nice twitching and a bit of drooling while Pamela continues to pour on the punishment. It’s a pretty nice move set too, a little bit above what you would come to expect from Defeated. It really is quite a great beatdown, that Bianca sells the hell out of. I love how she gets more and more worn down as the match goes on, until there’s just no fight left in her. It’s a really good way to do a mostly one-sided video. I wish more videos would continue to the point the jobber girl is a twitchy ragdoll, that would be great for me.

Overall Score: 9.5/10