Review of Belly Up!

Review of Jinx FilmsBelly Up! – 12 mins

A stranger approaches Jinx during her stretching session and challenges her to a belly punching strength test. She agrees to it after boasting about how powerful her stomach is. The stranger then puts on boxing gloves and strikes her in the belly repetitively. Jinx takes the beating courageously until she begins to cough violently. She spits up and drools from the impact and is ultimately beaten and dominated by the stranger.

Got another POV video from the lovely Jinx. This one is all about belly punching, in fact it is the only attack used in this video. Normally, something that is just about belly punching is something I would skip, but there are a few things that kept me entertained by this video. One, is Jinx’s outfit. I am a huge fan of the workout look. Sports bra, shorts and sneakers is a look that I have asked for in plenty of my own customs. Next, is Jinx’s reactions. She does a lot of coughing, doubling over and a little bit of drooling in the later parts. She does a great job of selling her and the punches have a big effect on her almost right away. I also like that there are a few knockdowns, where Jinx goes all the way to the floor, then has to struggle back to her feet, just to get punched again and go back down. I love the struggle back to her feet, she really takes it slow, showing how weak, in pain and out of breath that she is. This doesn’t end in KO, which is a bit of bummer, but Jinx is down, clutching her belly, unable to make it back up to her feet, which isn’t a bad way to end it, even if I do prefer to have a KO.

Overall Score: 8.5/10