Review of Belly Up! 2

Review of JinxFilmsBelly Up! 2 – 17 mins

The stranger approaches Jinx in a parking lot and challenges her to a second round of belly punching. Jinx, unbothered by her previous defeat, agrees to the challenge again. “I am so much stronger this time.” she says as she flexes her stomach. She taunts her opponent by calling him weak. He begins to punch her in the stomach over and over again. Jinx takes every hit courageously. She challenges him to punch her harder and immediately regrets it after getting the wind knocked out of her. The opponent pummels Jinx relentlessly. She falls and coughs violently. The impact of the hits caused her to spit and drool all over herself and the concrete.

This clip is a little dated now and Jinx’s store seems to have gone quiet, but this was a clip I really enjoyed. Just like the first one, even though this one is all belly punches, it still turned out pretty good. It really has all the same things from the first one, made just a bit better. Her outfit is pretty much the same, which I love. Her reactions are still top notch. I really love near the end when she starts getting really dazed. There’s even more drooling than last time. But there’s still no KO at the end. I mean she is down on the floor, but you can see she’s still technically awake. It would just be a little tiny bit better if I knew she was out for the count. Anyway, the punches still have a hell of an impact on poor Jinx’s belly. She gets doubled over and has to take a knee after just about every punch, then she struggles back to her feet, only to get punched again. It’s a simple idea, but I really think Jinx puts on a good show for us here and this vid is easily worth checking out.

Overall Score: 8.5/10