Review of Belly Beatdown

Review of Kayla ObeyBelly Beatdown – 11 mins

Kayla is a rookie pro-wrestler , quickly ascending the ranks in the indie circuit. Sporting her workout gear, she is in the midst of her daily workout routine and doing her abdominal crunches. She then starts to stretch when…a mysterious, unseen being overwhelms her. A restless spirit decides to introduce itself..and plans to leave one hell of an impression. Kayla reels as she is slapped in the face, doubles over as she is punched in the stomach, and arches her back as she is struck from behind and sent falling to her knees. The entity puts her into a variety of holds, pinning her as she is entirely helpless against her invisible foe. She tries to fight back, even managing to get a few scissor holds against the specter, but this only delays the inevitable. The evil spirit pays special attention to her toned midsection, delivering multiple deep punches to her belly. Occasionally, Kayla’s arms are restrained and pinned to her sides or over her head as her belly is ruthlessly pummeled, her flawless stomach open to the beatdown. Wide-eyed and gasping, Kayla is helpless to protect her belly as it trembles and flexes. The final moments she is seated, legs splayed apart as she is stunned via a neck nerve pinch and a devastating head vice that leaves her gone on the floor.

I know Kayla Obey doesn’t post as much content as she used to, but I still enjoy reviewing the video of hers that I enjoy. This is one of those videos, this just feels like an old school Kayla video. Where Kayla is minding her own when she gets attacked by an invisible foe, gets beaten up for a little bit with some belly and face punches, just to soften her up. Gets humiliated a little bit with some sexy pins and eventually gets knocked out and left unconscious. That’s the simple version of this video and it’s just great to see. Kayla has always provided us with very good videos with simple premises. I love her workout clothes here and the socks are nice too, as I don’t like bare feet. I don’t know what the future looks like for Kayla, but I know it’s always a pleasure to see her vids and hopefully she’ll be back with more for us soon. 

Overall Score: 9/10