Review of Becca’s Final Grudge Match

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBecca’s Final Grudge Match – 11 mins

This is the final installment in a long series of videos where you and Becca meet in the boxing ring. Starting with “Three Rounds with Becca” followed by “Becca’s Rematch”, “Becca’s Revenge”, “Three More Rounds with Becca”, and “Five Rounds with Becca” your boxing matches have been epic! You’re evenly matched with the blond beauty and you’ve both had your share of wins and losses. In this final match, a very serious Becca Challenges you to a grudge match to finally prove who the best boxer is and once again, you both pack a hard punch! Since there are no rounds you battle it out to a point where Becca has you in trouble, on your back as she sits on you pounding your face with her gloves! But just as it looks like you’re finished your glove flies out and smashes into Becca’s chin sending her flying off you! You take the advantage and before she knows it, Becca is a groggy mess! You tee off on her with your boxing gloves and work her into position for the final powerful uppercut that knocks her out on her feet before she crumbles to the mat. You’ll LOVE this epic conclusion to an epic series!

Although this one might be called the final grudge match, I know I am not along in the hope that we get to see Becca in more POV boxing matches after these. As this has been a pretty great series of events, with of course my personal favorites being all the ones that have Becca losing in the end, like this one. Becca has proven again and again how great of an actress she is. She can makes ever the parts where she’s winning somewhat entertaining to even me. Obviously, I don’t want the see her winning, but with her excellent trash talk and booming personality, she manages to keep my attention through those parts. This one really kicks off when Becca loses control, at about the half way point and gets dominated for the rest of the video. A nice little detailed that was added to this match is that they would fight until one of them cannot continue. This made for an additional KO, with Rick doing some ground and pound punches for a KO, only to wake Becca up for a more proper KO to make sure she’s out for good. I am still loving the POV boxing vids and this is another great one. Becca continues to be super impressive, continue to prove that she is one of the best in the business and I just can’t wait to see her in action again.

Overall Score: 9.5/10