Review of Becca, the Thief

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBecca, the Thief – 20 mins

Becca has stolen some valuable files on a USB from FWR Rick and you’ve been tasked to retrieve them. The evil and ultra-sexy Becca greets you in her lair and easily knocks you out with her hard punches and powerful reverse head scissor hold. When you wake up you see a blond sitting on you telling you that she’s Becca’s clone. She’s been ordered to finish you off but she wants to have some fun first. Bad idea! You hit her with a hard uppercut that causes her eyes to cross, her tongue to pop out, and her body to drop on top of you. After you roll her off and the one-sided fight begins. Becca’s clone continues to try defeating you but constantly ends up knocked out in interesting poses with her tongue hanging out and twitching slightly. The clone is finally left in a “butt-in-air” position as the real Becca jumps into the ring to take you out herself … another fight that doesn’t end well for the sexy blond. In the end Becca is left spread eagled in the ring from a heart punch with the word “Thief” written on her cute belly. You turn and go to the edge of the ring where Becca’s clone is still on the carpet (with some very awesome camera trickery, lol) and you finally get your USB files and take the victory this day. You’ll LOVE this over-the-top knockout video!

Aw man, where do I start with this one… Becca, Rick, you two beautiful bastards have done it again! Lets start with the obvious, Becca is one of the best on the planet, she’s got this whole thing down to a science and that’s really not news to anyone at this point, but I still like to say it. We all know just how freaking amazing she is and I love it so much when she reminds me again that she really is one of the very best in the business, and I mean top 3 without question. The work she does she here is outstanding, the winning, the losing, the OTT stuff, that silly tumbling across the entire studio, I mean just nonstop flawless action from her again, it’s amazing to watch her. She convincingly sells everything and I love to praise her for it, because she’s something special. Speaking of special, our humble FWR producer might not want too much credit for this one, but I got to give him credit where it’s due. I think Rick does the best POVs videos out there, not only that, but Rick does a little flexing of his editing/directing muscles in this one. I don’t want to ruin the magic, but the way Rick switches for clone Becca, to real Becca, for the going into the ring part, was masterful. Overall, this one is elementary, you got to own this one, fans of Becca, fans of OTT vid, fans of POV vids where “you” win, this is a must own and easily another one that goes right on my favorites list.

Overall Score: 10/10