Review of Beating The Babysitter: Keri Spectrum

Review of Spectrum/Custom Requests FetishBeating The Babysitter: Keri Spectrum (POV) – 20 mins

Christmas is supposed to be a great time of the year, except when it comes to the demon that Keri Spectrum is in charge of babysitting tonight. The brat decides to get out of bed and be defiant, so Keri stands up from texting her friends and threatens to put him back to bed. However, the problematic monster punches her hard in the face, dazing her and making her pissed off, threatening that his parents will not get him anything for Christmas if he doesn’t stop and go to bed right now. The terrorizing spawn of evil doesn’t comply, and instead punches Keri multiple times, making her more and more bruised and incoherent. Every time she tries to stand up and defend herself, another fist from her new nightmare is reigning down on her. Keri falls to the floor, completely out of it from withstanding the viscous onslaught . However, she is instead slapped and woken up, only to be attacked and mauled more. At one point, she tries to fight back, but the damage to her head and body is so bad, her swinging punches are more like delayed swats at flies. Keri’s face is taking massive abuse, and her tongue is sticking out as she is pummeled more and more by her demonic client. Her body can no longer take the repeated assault and is finally sprawled out on the living room floor, just as the parents come back into the house. Looks like they’re going to have to find another babysitter for the 5th time this month…

What we have here is easily one of my favorite Keri videos to be released in recent history. This video just does all the things I love to see happen to Keri Spectrum. Now, real quickly before I get too far into this, I’d like to ask, what’s the deal with beating up your babysitter? I don’t have any problem with it, I’ve seen Cali do one like this and now Keri and both videos are great. I just don’t quite understand why is it your babysitter you like to beat up? Hopefully someone can clarify that, I’m just curious. Okay, back to the review. This vid is a lot like some of the POV boxing videos I love so much, just bare fisted. It’s all about punching Keri in the face and then watching her silly reactions as she sticks her tongue out, stumbles around and rolls her eyes. And Keri is definitely one of the best when it comes to selling stuff like this. I also love that she gets knocked down a lot, really close to being out cold, then struggles back to her feet for more punches. And I love that she’s in normal clothes, plus sneakers, big plus for her having shoes on. As much as I love seeing a jobber take a beatdown in normal clothes, it’s just something I have never asked for in one of my own customs. I might have to change that one day. So overall, this is a fantastic, a silly KOs video, that focuses on a lot of tongue out and eye rolling. This isn’t too much of a rare sight from Keri Spectrum, but I am always looking to see her doing more and I love it every time she does.

Overall Score: 9.9/10