Review of Battle for the Centerfold

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBattle for the Centerfold – 20 mins

At a local sports magazine studio, Persephone and Summer are the final 2 to be considered for a centerfold in an upcoming summer magazine release. Persephone interrupts Summer sunbathing by the pool and bitterly claims she’s tired of always having to compete with “bleach blonde barbies” for a top spot. She angrily challenges Summer to a wrestling match with the winner getting the centerfold, while the loser agrees to drop out. Summer is confused by Persephone’s rage and refuses to fight, but Persephone snatches Summer up by her hair and forces her to a private ring in the studio. The young beauties battle furiously, with the action going back and forth until Summer finally weakens Persephone to the point where she apologizes. A few hard kicks to the head and a leg split pin end this match … but Summer decides to add a little humiliation by tying Persephone’s wrists and writing “Barbie’s Bitch” on her belly. We know you’ll enjoy this fight video!

You guys should know that I am always quick to grab a video with the lovely Persephone in it, especially if she loses, which is what happens here. I love that Persephone started this fight with Summer, literally slapping her in the face while Summer was tanning pool side. Also, quick shout out to our humble FWR producer for having such a sweet property where Summer can actually lay poolside for the intro of this clip. Then I love that things quickly go wrong for poor Persephone as Summer KOs her right away and goes to change leaving Persephone out cold on the couch. Persephone does come back from this, getting plenty of time beating down Summer, who also looks great and sells really well in this clip. That come back doesn’t last though as Persephone’s cockiness gets the best of her, giving Summer the chance to turn the tides and win. Then we get a little bonus humiliation, with the stomach writing. Which is a win from the humiliation stand point and a win for the KO stand point, as Persephone stays out the whole time. Overall, I love that Persephone started the fight and lost. I love that Summer did get a good amount of time on the losing side too, as I think she looked too good to win this fight flawlessly. I got a good number of KOs throughout the video and I love that little extra at the end. It felt like an unnecessary addition, but it was a good touch, so it really felt like a bonus to this fun video.

Overall Score: 9/10