Review of Batch 37

Review of Ghosty’s Fetish BoxBatch 37 – 24 mins

The Boss is doing his rounds around the many fake apartments he owns to throw off his enemies, only to find his cloned henchwomen are slacking off, afraid of mundane things like butterflies, and worse. Tired of this he determines the entire batch 37 of Roxie clones is a failure due to some scientific flub. He decides to euthanize the lot of them and gets increasingly more annoyed the more ridiculous the clones get as he disposes of each one personally.

Got another video from Ghosty’s Fetish Box and this was one that I really loved, because it again shows just how light hearted and silly their videos tend to be. I mean, they’re not all like this, but my favorite ones tend to be. I love this idea of defective clones. We’ve seen so many clone / sentry videos, but I don’t remember ever seeing one where the clones where just dumb and broken, in a funny way. The Roxie clones are all caught doing dumb stuff, like huffing chloroform, looking down the barrel of a gun, or drinking KO serum. Aside from all the goofy stuff, we also get all sleepy / KO stuff we want to see in our videos. There’s plenty of KOs, limp play, stripping, carries and some sentry stuff, like neck snaps and death stares. All-in-all this is a really fun video filled with silliness and KOs. It’s definitely worth checking out, coming in at $15 a copy, it is money well spent.

Overall Score: 9/10