Review of Barbie Chrissy Defeated

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Review of Constance’s Crazy CinemaBarbie Chrissy Defeated – 10 mins

Chrissy Marie looking so adorable in a shiny green thong leotard, shiny pantyhose, boots was ready to face Constance. Who likewise was dressed in a blue shiny leotard, shiny pantyhose and boots knew Chrissy would be no match. Misty was there for a referee.  So the match started with a lock-up. Constance immediately threw a punch to the stomach which caused Chrissy to double over, but as Constance was getting ready, Chrissy threw a right hook at Constance. Oh its on.. Chrissy then got Constance in a few other moves one in which Misty decided she would help. Constance had to tap. Constance was not happy that the ref helped so she gave a right hook to Misty. Misty stunned but she continued her job. Constance then just totally dominated Chrissy the rest of the match. She used scissorhold, upper cuts, low blows, punches and so many more. At the end she gave Chrissy a sleeperhold before snapping her neck.

More pro-style action from Constance, in her pro-style gear with the boots and knee pads. This time she’s talking on Chrissy Marie and Misty is the ref, all rocking pro gear as well. Of course just about every time there is a ref, that ref interferes in one way or another and that is exactly what Misty does. Not only was Misty talking crap / commenting the whole time, but she was also quick to lend a helping hand with sever submission hold. One time that got her punched in the face, but Misty had me smiling the whole time, because she is so goofy. The action between Constance and Chrissy was pretty good too, again, they’re not trained wrestlers so the moves are a bit off sometimes and the flow isn’t super smooth, but they do put on a good show and sell the action well. It was a pretty one sided affair too, after Constance straightened out Misty with a right hook, everything else went the way of Constance and Chrissy was helpless. There a neck snap KO at the end, but sadly no pin. Overall, these matches are fun, I do love the action Constance does in the ring and Misty always brings me joy, whether she’s jobbing or just talking trash.

Overall Score: 8.5/10