Review of Bad Move, Peyton

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBad Move, Peyton – 35 mins

We join Peyton and Madison in the dressing room before their match. Taunts are exchanged, face slaps are given, and the girls decide to settle down and be good sports. Peyton tries to distract Madison as she slips a groggy pill into Madison’s water … but Madison catches her and switches the bottles. Peyton immediately feels the effects and passes out. Madison carries her to the studio where a major beat down begins! Peyton gets punched out, knocked out, and destroyed over and over again. Her pretty eyes roll up in her head each time she gets knocked out but at one point she manages to catch Madison with a blow to the head and runs to the dressing room to quickly change clothes and escape. That obviously doesn’t work because Madison hides behind a curtain to pound the cheating Peyton back into the studio. There’s more fun with some light bondage, wrestling in the ring, and lots of foreign objects that finally finish poor Peyton off. In the end we find the defeated girl hanging on the ring post with “Dirty Girl Loses Again” written on her exposed belly. Enjoy this epic 35 minute beatdown!

Although not an official series, you will notice that there are several videos where poor Peyton catches a beatdown while wearing jeans, or jean shorts. I love these videos so much, not only because they are excellent one-sided squash matches that are normally filled with KOs and a little OTT reactions, but also because I love the jeans and jean shorts Peyton wears in all of these videos. I also really love the fisticuffs style of fighting in these videos, although this one has some wrestling and weapon usage too, which I was happy to see. Even the intro to this one is amazing, with Peyton and Madison trash talking each other. Peyton’s failed attempt to drug Madison. Madison makes Peyton drink more of the tainted water, which is probably the closest thing we’ll ever see to drooling coming from FWR and Peyton’s OTT twitching when she’s knocked out by the drugs. All of that is just in the first few minutes of this 35-minute video. Basically these videos have a little bit of everything fans of one-sided squash matches love to see, there’s even a little bondage, with a hogtie and leaving Peyton hanging from the post in the end. With so much action packed into one video, I really can’t help but love this video and the ones like it before. I hope to see more and more of these videos very soon.

Overall Score: 10/10