Review of Arielle Vs Galas Boxing

Review of Galas Balloons and Fetish ClipsArielle Vs Galas Boxing – 22.5 mins

Galas is in a boxing match versus Arielle. Arielle quickly shows her dominance knocking Galas after just a few knockdowns. Arielle however is disappointed that Galas was so easy to defeat that she decides to continue to fight, humiliating her as much as she can, even though she’s already won. For the next 20 minutes Arielle continues to pick up Galas just to punch her back to the mat over and over. Galas can not even stand up on her own anymore, but Arielle continues to pick up Galas, holding her up on her feet to continue the fight. Galas is a total ragdoll, twitching, drooling and rolling her eyes the whole time. Arielle strips Galas of her bikini, leaving her naked, aside from her sneakers and gloves and continues to pick her up for more punishment refusing to end the match! Lots of belly punching and also playing with Galas’s face a lot while she’s down, causing her to drool more. Arielle also picks Galas up several times and just lets her fall back to the ground on her own.

More boxing content and more over the top, complete destruction of the amazing Galas Looner. That sentence alone should be a clear sign of what’s to come in this review. A total win/win situation for me. Not only do I get more amazing one-sided boxing, but the jobber girl is Galas, who has been absolutely killing it with outstanding wrestling squashes and now her first, but definitely not last, boxing defeat. Just like in her wrestling videos, Galas is confident in her skills, but very quickly finds herself knocked out on the floor, twitching and drooling. Of course the match carries on, but only continues downhill for poor Galas as Arielle is totally merciless and just keeps the punishment and humiliation coming. Then before you know it, Galas is a naked ragdoll, still catching more punches just for good measure. Words cannot describe how much I love Galas and just how great these videos are to me. I can’t get enough of seeing her in these brutal defeats. Her selling is out of this world and I love the fact that she is almost limitless with what she will do. She’s an amazing talent and I am so glad we get to see this amazing actress in action. Don’t miss any of these videos, they’re all super amazing. 

Overall Score: 10/10