Review of Anything Goes: Foxy Fishnet Fighters

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Foxy Fishnet Fighters – 12.5 mins

They’re foxy! They’re wearing fishnets! They’re fighting!!! And they’re the BEST!!! You’ll love seeing our two top gals beating the crap out of each other in a spectacular anything goes match. When we join them in the ring they think they’re fighting Kat again because of the outfits they’ve been told to wear. But our humble producer and cameraman informs them that they’re fighting each other and that HE chose the outfits … because he likes to dress them in sexy outfits! Becca and Peyton quickly jump him, throw him into the ropes, and clothesline him to the mat. As they prepare to beat him up he informs them that Kat actually lost the Golden Blackjack Award to Violet! The girls realize that they still have a chance to win the award and turn on each other … with ALL the spectacular Anything Goes moves you’ve come to love and adore! We hope you enjoy seeing these two cuties in battle in their sexy outfits!

This is the anything goes match that I wanted to see even though I didn’t even know it. I have been loving the golden blackjack matches mostly because the outfits, the thongs, the fishnets and the converse boots are an amazing look, couple that with the fact that we get Becca and Peyton working together, only great things come for them working together. The start of this was great, I really like that Becca and Peyton where upset and ready to beat up our humble producer, but with just a quick comment he’s able to turn them on each other and our match if off and running. As with most anything goes matches, the one who starts off in control end up being the loser and although Becca landed the first few punches, Peyton controlled the match early on and therefore Becca is the one who won in the end. The moves used were basically your typical anything goes moves, minus any foreign objects, and a plus because it’s Becca and Peyton and they are just that good. I loved this vid and I continue to hope that we will get more matches that are not only following this storyline, not only with Becca and/or Peyton, but also continuing to feature these outstanding outfits.

Overall Score: 9.5/10