Review of ANNE SOLO: chapter two

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldANNE SOLO: chapter two – 35 mins

As we admire our metal-padded gloves, Anne-marie angrily storms into the mat room eager to run back a set of fisticuffs despite knowing about our “hidden” advantage. Anne elaborates on her training and readiness to get into the fray before entering her stance to throw a shot, but as she cocks back she eats a snapping jab that instantly rocks her into potential regret. A few more punches keep her in a stumbling daze before an uppercut sends her crashing to the mats into a twitching fit. A quick limb check confirms her vanquished state and her ripe belly eats a quick strike to wake her up. She struggles to her feet in frustration but is quickly met with more strikes that send her spinning in place. A follow-up uppercut flips her off her feet and onto her stomach for more convulsions and limb checks. A groggy Anne pushes up to her knees but our quick blows to her face send her crashing back to her stomach. Another uppercut launches her backward splashing to the mat, sprawled out and twitching with her mouth ajar. She gradually comes to but it’s only for naught as we stand atop of her. A series of punches to her ribs and face lead to huge gasps of air and her tongue protruding outward before she’s left out cold convulsing with fluttering eyelids. After a moment of admiring her beautiful figure and awaiting her rise to her feet, we deliver a wide swinging hook that cracks her square in the jaw resulting in a river of drool that concludes in alluring derri “air” KO pose and more twitches. In her endeavors to rise from her predicament she’s met with more shots that leave her sprawled face down. Another attempt to get up results in her eating an abundance of face strikes from her knees causing a flood of drool to drip down her body before a KO blow lays her out. A fist of pressure to her stomach expels air from her and brings her to life. She has a tough time trying to stand as she crashes to the mats before clutching the wall for some much needed assistance. This doesn’t work in her favor though as she’s primed for some hard kidney and lower back strikes that send a glob of saliva splashing against the wall before she’s out cold in her own dribble. In an arduous attempt to lift herself she ends up with her back to the wall, prepped for some belly punches sending her lurching forward and loopy. A quick crotch jab and uppercut combination sends her face down and ass up into a lovely view and more limb checks. Our punishment continues with a critical pressure point punch that leaves her croaking before the convulsions set in before more limp play. Anne makes a laborious effort to get back to standing position before lying against the opposing wall. Sharp belly and crotch shots drive the air from her lungs and leave her dizzy before we set her upright for something devious. Her hair is swept back from her heaving chest before we take a few paces backward. We lunge forward and send a fist directly to Anne’s trachea causing her to grasp for her throat in a wide-eyed gasping fit before she’s out on her feet and slams to the mats face first. We playfully bring her back to life before delivering a series of strikes to her face and upper back that force her in and out of consciousness as well as force her rear into the air and splat her stomach to the surface before engaging in another lifeless twitching fit. The punch-drunk, pretty pugilist remains our training dummy as she’s met with a myriad of belly, face, and crotch blows that leave her teetering in and out of consciousness. Such punishment is met with Anne’s gorgeous figure left reclined on the mats in spasms as she continues to produce fountains of saliva. The introduction of a chair, a bottle of chloroform, and smelling salts gives us some more room to innovate with the assault before she’s left high and dry for the ten count fall.

I love how well SK and I work together on our custom projects. Like, I don’t think I wrote a new script for this one. I just asked him to basically make the same video, but longer, have Anne be completely out cold for the second half and make this one even more ridiculous. And that is exactly what he did. This came out so great, it really has to be one of the best POV boxing clips of all time. That is if you like one sided, over the top boxing clips. I didn’t have anything to do with most of the things that happened to poor Anne-Marie in this clip, as SK and Anne were the ones who came up with all the specific details. Again, SK is way more creative that I could ever dream of being and that’s why I leave so much of the details to him. This one gets pretty brutal, with low blows, kidney punches, even a punch to the throat, as well as some ragdoll boxing, as I requested. One of the major highlights for me is the chloroform glove. After several minutes of knocking around a completely knocked out Anne-Marie, SK wakes her with some smelling salts, puts chloroform all over his glove and uses the fumes and some more punches to continue punishing Anne-Marie. The reactions Anne-Marie gives us are phenomenal. You guys saw how great Anne sold in the first chapter, you can expect the same excellence here, if not even a bit better than before. This is another one of my customs that I am super proud of, even though I didn’t have much to do with any of the creative stuff, and a video that I’ll be watching again and again for a long time. I know SK doesn’t like editing boxing vids, so I try to take it easy on him, but I will definitely be getting more of this crazy style of POV boxing custom when the opportunity arises.

Overall Score: 11/10