Review of The Pain LeagueANNA v ENFORCER – 21 mins

Anna Coburg is used to getting what she wants. She expects her stay in the UPL to be short and isn’t fazed when pitted against the mighty Enforcer. It seems the Enforcer didn’t get the memo to simply lay down for the ‘it’ girl, and proceeds to teach her a painful lesson!

I’ve kind of fallen behind on reviewing these UPL videos, but I’ve still been watching them and really enjoying the writing coming out of this production. It’s especially fun to see their storylines develop for a wrestling company, instead of their usual superheroine content. This one has a lot of things going on around the match itself, with people wanting title shots and some weird corporate woman walking around trying to throw her weight around. I still don’t really understand what that woman’s true goal is, but she’s definitely up to no good. As for the match itself, it has a lot going on too. So the obvious heel, The Enforcer, is supposed to get a title shot off this match if she wins and lucky for her she lined up against an over confident jobber who’s never won a match before. The Enforcer enters the match and does just as expected beating the jobber girl with great ease, but just as the match is coming to an expected end, Anna finally starts to fight back, but that’s short lived as Eliza Smeeth does a run-in, attacking Anne just enough to get The Enforcer DQ’d. Not really sure why, but I am interested to find out. Anna then runs backstage talking about how dominant her win was tonight and how this proves she deserves a title shot. Even the interviewer looked so confused by Anne’s claim to dominance. That was such a funny scene, I loved it. Overall, as far as entertainment goes, this video has me hooked to see where this story goes. As far a fetish content, I would have loved to see Anna get finished off and left laid out in the ring, but I assume that I will get that sooner or later, she’s definitely going to get her ass kicked again someday.

Overall Score: 9/10