Review of Andrea On Top

Review of Andrea Rosu’s Kinky ExplorationsAndrea On Top – 21 mins

Luna Lain has a big mouth…but I have a bigger…well, everything!  I find it really cute and funny that she thinks she stands a chance against me in the ring.  It’s time I put her in her place and show her where I belong: on top. We start with a boxing round.  The fight is so clearly one sided from the beginning.  She barely gets a punch in (ok…she gets a few, but they barely affect me).  My combos: jab, jab, hook; jab, jab, cross, upper cut make her see stars and makes the KO so easy. Of course the KO is not where it ends…in fact, that’s just the beginning.  Luna deserves to learn her lesson: don’t throw words around that you can’t back up.  Just as she’s coming to, I wrap my thick strong legs around her and put her in various scissorholds.  At this point, she’s just a sad looking rag doll. When I’ve had enough fun with her, I roll her onto her side, get behind her, coil my python like body around her.  My hands cover her mouth, I whisper in her ear: Don’t fight the inevitable.  The more you fight, the harder it will be.  Just give in.  Just give up.  Just give it all to me.

Here is a nice video from the incredible Andrea Rosu, dominating the lovely Luna Lane. What starts out as a boxing match quickly turns into a wrestling match, with poor Luna being pretty helpless against the might of Andrea. The boxing portion is over almost as quickly as it starts. Both ladies get some time to talk some trash before things begin, then Andrea just dominates, knocking out Luna in no time. Then the rest of the time Luna suffers through several holds and is helpless to do anything to stop it. Eventually Andrea has enough and puts Luna out for the night. I think this is a great squash match, even though it’s shot on a tripod, it still works pretty good. Luna is great as the helpless jobber, just getting crushed by Andera in every possible way and Andrea is of course overflowing with confidence from beginning to end. This was just a pure display of one girl being clearly overpowered by the other and I love that. 

Overall Score: 9/10