Review of Amirah’s Mouth Writes a Check That Her Ass Can’t Cash

Review of DefeatedAmirah’s Mouth Writes a Check That Her Ass Can’t Cash – 21.5 mins

Amirah and Gina on the couch meditating together…. Or so it seems, as Amirah opens her eyes and apparently didn’t notice Gina was sitting there. Amirah immediately interrupts Gina’s meditation asking why she is copying her. The girls get in a shoving and name calling match, where Amirah admits to being crazy and calls Gina a cunt. Amirah is also the first to move things past a little shoving match, by punching Gina in the gut and then proceeding to beat Gina’s ass for a while, making sure to add some humiliation along the way. Amirah eventually puts Gina out, leg hook pins her, strips some of her clothes off and then of course goes to brag to the camera about what she’s done. We’ve all seen this before and knows what comes next. Yup…. Gina wakes up and attack Amirah from behind. Now it’s Amirah’s turn to get beatdown and take a nap. A few naps as a matter of fact, as Gina puts her light out a couple of times and pins her for a 10 count, not once, but twice. She also strips Amirah completely naked before the second pin and she probably would have kept beating Amirah’s ass, but after the second pin Amirah was a total ragdoll, and doesn’t react at all to Gina’s sleeper hold. So Gina take her victory pose and leaves the defeated, humiliated and completely naked Amirah laid out on the couch.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and this time, one of my newer favorite jobber, Amirah gets taken down yet again. In a pattern we have seen from Defeated, maybe a little too much, Amirah get to dominate another new girl, Gina, in this wrestling battle. Gina looks great, sells her beatdown pretty good. Amirah gets several moves in, a KO, pin and strips Gina of her top before it’s her turn to get a beating. Amirah, of course steals the show. Amirah gets completely crushed, gets dominated with a few submission holds and then gets KO’d two or 3 times, with a two sexy ten counts pins and finally Amirah is out cold, a complete ragdoll, even though Gina tries to sleeper her out again. Oh, and Gina strips her nude too, which is an obvious huge plus. I do miss Elizabeth, Stella and others from Defeated’s Italian group, but I have been loving Amirah, she is a fantastic jobber and as long as she keeps losing, I’m going to keep watching.

Overall Score: 9.5/10