Review of Amirah, The Jobber

Review of DefeatedAmirah, The Jobber – 22 mins

Amirah and Kitana stand toe to toe ready for today’s match. They both talk trash before the match begins, each confident that they are the better woman. Kitana is the first to get the action underway, grabbing hold on Amirah and taking her to the ground. Amirah struggles hard, but is easily overpowered by her larger opponent. Kitana goes on to completely and utterly dominate Amirah, without even breaking a sweat. She traps Amirah in several holds and keeps her locked in until Amirah goes out. After Amirah is out, Kitana keeps the hold locked on to make sure Amirah is asleep. Amirah’s body twitches from this action, but is otherwise lifeless. Kitana makes sure to add some humiliation to this beatdown as well, stripping Amirah completely naked and showing off her gorgeous naked body to the camera. After several KOs, Kitana is done playing with her victim and poses over her twitching body, announcing her easy victory over Amirah, the jobber.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and we have a really nice squash match here. This title alone sold me right away. Amirah is easily my favorite jobber in the Hungarian division at Defeated. So just knowing that she lost, made this an easy choice for me. And it turned out to be even better than I hoped. Not only did Amirah lose, she got crushed. Kitana easily KOs our little jobber several times, but doesn’t just move on to the next hold, she keeps Amirah locked in, causing her victim to twitch, which you guys know I love. I also get some nice eye rolling for Amirah and Kitana strips Amirah totally naked, which is such a wonderful site, I don’t think anyone could say anything against it. In a lot of these reviews, I always hope for Amirah to lose in the next video, and even though I got exactly what I wished for, that’s not going to stop me from wishing for more. Amirah, The Jobber shouldn’t only be the title to this video, but Amriah’s official new name. If Amirah lost every vid she was in, I would probably still ask for more!

Overall Score: 9.9/10