Review of Almost doesn’t count

Review of DefeatedAlmost doesn’t count – 41.5 mins

Roxy might still be a new addition to our roster, but she’s already making a name for herself as being one of the tougher girls around here. Today Roxy is taking on another new addition, her name is Capri and unfortunately for her, she’s off to a rough start. Capri wants to prove herself as a tough competitor and she starts off strong. Capri takes control of this match early on and really dishes out some tough punishment. Capri scores a KO, removes Roxy’s top and even has time for a little ragdolling and humiliation. This domination doesn’t last however, as Capri tries to continue showing off, Roxy starts to recover and fight back. This quickly leads to Roxy taking control of the fight, then it’s all downhill for Carpi from there. Despite Carpi’s efforts, she is just over powered and out matched. One KOs leads to another and soon Carpi is looking pretty lifeless. This of course doesn’t stop Roxy, who just keeps the beatdown going. Carpi goes from struggling to stay in the fight, to struggling to survive, to nothing more than a twitching, drooling ragdoll and Roxy is loving every bit of it. After torturing, ragdolling, stripping naked, humiliating and even a little bit of carrying, Roxy is finally bored of this new jobber girl. She takes a few victory poses and leaves the newcomer naked and laid out in the middle of the mats. Has Defeated got a new jobber girl, or is Capri just off to a rough start. I guess time will tell.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and this may be the first time I reviewed a video starring Capri, but it sure won’t be the last. This new addition to Defeated has shown a ton of really promising potential and I hope we get to see her stick around, getting better with each video. And by better, I of course mean better at jobbing. Capri comes into this fight like a house on fire, really trying to prove that she’ll be one to be reckoned with. And I got to hand it to Roxy here, she was selling wonderfully while she was in trouble. But soon enough the tables turn and Capri ends up on the losing side and that’s when this show really kicks off. Roxy beats the crap out of Capri, all the way to the point that she’s ragdolling the twitchy, drooling new jobber girl all over the mats. It’s a wonderful display of dominance and an excellent performance from Capri. It’s also a plus that being a Defeated video, full nudity humiliation is a possibility, which is an option that is selected for this video, you just love to see that. There have been several more videos starring Capri released since this video and I think it’s safe to say that she is indeed a new jobber at Defeated and damn good on. I mean she even lost to Amirah.

Overall Score: 9.5/10