Review of A Quiet Afternoon

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Review of Girls Getting SleepyA Quiet Afternoon – 10 mins

Eden and her boyfriend are taking a little vacation when she keeps bugging him about leaving the hotel and going sightseeing. He just got into town and he’s not ready for this high-energy nonsense from her. He’s learned over the months that she has an “off switch”. Eden is limp and manipulated 4 separate times (giggles and smiles each time).

GGS vids are super simple, almost too simple at times, as the go straight for their niche fans, which isn’t exactly me. I understand it though, they make these for the fans of limp play, bare feet and of course KOs. Now, I love the KOs, especially here, Eden takes a quick whack on the head, gives us a quick little smile, a little tongue sticking out, a little eye rolling and falls over completely out. Perfect. Then the limp play, I’m ok with, limb checks and a little body repositioning, it’s ok, to me. And then bare feet, not so much for me, but there is plenty of close-ups and he keeps grabbing them and checking them out. Doesn’t do anything for me, but at least her feet are clean, I would have lost my mind if they weren’t. So I don’t love it, because it wasn’t really meant for me, but I do love Eden, I think she’s great and was the sole reason I got this vid. Now, if she ways twitching the whole time with her tongue sticking out, that would have been more for me, but it’s ok. This review is for Eden, because she’s awesome.

Overall Score: 8/10