Review of A Lesson in Defeat

Review of Defeated A Lesson in Defeat – 18 mins

Another new talent has joined the ranks of Defeated, the lovely Alya and we thought it would be fun to put her up against Cherry for her first match and not really tell her who Cherry is. So, Alay is really confident when she does her pre-match interview. Cherry laughs off Alya’s words, getting to see just how tiny Alya is. When the match begins, Alya does her best to remain that confident, but that doesn’t help her at all. Cherry completely and totally dominates every minute of this match. That is ever minute after Alya pushes Cherry, trying her best to be tough. Alya get KO’d several times, stripped out of her tiny bikini and pinned in the end. Alya might not have known who Cherry was when this match started, but she certainly won’t forget her after this beatdown.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys, this time we have another super cute girl to add to the ranks, the lovely Alya. And of course the first thing I want to see from every new talent is their jobbing skills. I get that wish in this video as they put the rookie up against a veteran. Cherry is our vet, who literally laughs in the face of her tiny challenger, then proceeds to completely dominate her. Alya does pretty good, with selling that is, she didn’t stand a chance in the match. She made for a good victim and definitely looks fantastic. I love that she started in a super tiny bikini, but gets stripped of that anyway. There are several KOs along the way, most of them from sleeper holds, which doesn’t bother me, but I figured I’d mention it. And this squash match is capped off with a really nice pin, which is a little sexier because Alya is naked. Overall a good first impression of Alya. Now I’d like to see her do some over the top reactions, thanks.

Overall score: 8/10