Review of Sensually SavageA JOBBER’S DREAM – 21.5 mins

We fade in on the stunning Keri Spectrum, wearing a sexy and shiny thong one piece with boots as she mentally prepares herself for her match against Uber-heel Vonka Romanov! She tells the camera how much she hopes the ensuing beatdown will match the ones in her dreams as the powerful Russian badass sneaks us and pounces. Keri is suddenly thrown into a world of pleasure, panic, pain, and excitement as Vonka works her over, taking her time as she turns Keri into the jobber she was destined to become! Keri begs for punishment, and Vonka delivers it expertly, using sleeper holds to tease her newfound “jobber slave” in and out of consciousness. She fondles Keri’s flesh, kissing her lips as she slumbers, only to bring her back around for more. A sleepy facesit follows Vonka’s onslaught of chokeholds as Keri’s submission increases, only to give way to belly splashes, sexy belly punches, forced kisses, a temple drill knockout, a belly press pin count, a humiliating ass-up KO pose, forced foot kissing, ass kissing, a sleeper KO, and a final grinding facesit…just for fun! Satisfied, Vonka goes for her final pin before leaving an unconscious Keri dreaming her jobber dreams on the mats!!!

SSP has called up Jersey’s own Cali Logan to film a video with her crew and simply put, they nailed it. This is again one of those videos that fits the production’s title properly as it is both sensual and savage. Keri plays a willing victim who’s hired Vonka to kick her butt and that’s exactly what happens. Vonka KOs Keri several times, with a little over use of the sleeper hold and Keri struggles a bit, but doesn’t actually try to get free. Than with Keri out Vonka adds a little sexiness with some kissing and touching, where Keri seems to enjoy in her moments of consciousness. This video fits my style for SSP’s content as it’s not too sensual and with all the very well sold KOs, some real deep belly punches and the overall weak submissiveness of Keri makes this easily more savage than sensual. I also loved the shiny suit and converse boots. I will say that as much as I love seeing Keri completely submissive and dominated like this, I have realized that I haven’t seen Vonka on the losing side, which I assume she must have done somewhere by now. That is a problem I must address, and of course, I wouldn’t mind seeing Cali step in front of the camera for a vid like this either, but for now, Keri was the perfect jobber.

Overall score: 9.9/10