Review of 4 Rounds of Boxing Domination

Review of Constance’s Crazy Cinemas4 Rounds of Boxing Domination – 15 mins

Constance and Misty Lovelace are wearing blue and red boxing gloves ready to bring each other down!! Constance takes the first cheap shots and Misty tries to get her back—but the belly beat down has begun! Constance puts Misty into a headlock and wails on Misty’s stomach!! Constance then gives Misty a cunt bust and shot straight to the throat!! Constance continues this boxing domination by hitting Misty all over the ring then pinning her to the floor. Round 1 goes to Constance! Constance continues her jabs, belly beatdown, and pummeling Misty from the ground to the ring turn buckles… and, of course, giving her a barrage of belly punches while hanging from the ropes! Watch Misty go through a domination boxing match for FOUR ROUNDS!

I have been loving the videos where Constance beats the crap out of Misty in several wrestling matches and that series gets kicked up a notch by becoming a boxing match. Just like in the wrestling matches, Misty stands little to no chance against the mighty Constance. Misty goes down early and often and before you know it she’s a twitching mess, just like she was in the wrestling videos. As like the wrestling videos, Constance pins Misty after each KO, which is not how boxing matches work, but I’m ok with the sexy and humiliating pin on the twitching Misty Lovelace. I really can only hope for more Misty destruction in the future, boxing or wrestling, as long as Misty is going down and twitching I am going to be watching. I hope you guys do too!

Overall Score: 9.9/10