Review of 1000 Ways to Say Goodbye

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Review of Cali Logan’s Fight Club1000 Ways to Say Goodbye – 15 mins

Vonka Romanov drops the nude Cali Logan right on her head!! A pile driver! Cali twitches to no pulse. Eyes wide open. What a stare. Our second goodbye to Cali starts with Vonka taking Cali’s breath away…. with a nice cuddly sleeperhold. To end Cali’s nice little Valentine’s gift, Vonka swiftly snaps Cali’s neck. Cali plops to floor, and Vonka gives Cali the curtesy of checking her pulse (nothing!) and closing Cali’s staring eyes. Goodbye #3: A standing hand-on-throat chokehold that sends Cali sliding down to the wall…twitching…and lifeless. Much like a flopping fish. Vonka has a nice red goodbye for Cali for the fourth round. Vonka has a sharp hidden object that she reveals to Cali, backing Cali up into a wall, then sticking Cali right in the neck! Cali again slides to the floor, gushing from the neck, no life left. Vonka, dressed in an all black assassin suit, clearly is here to put an end to the very nude Cali. Vonka squeezes around Cali’s neck via sleeperhold, and once Cali is completely out, Vonka plops Cali’s body to the ground. Twitching for the count. Vonka has more in store for the pathetical, naked damsel in distress. Another swift cut to the neck, pooling Cali’s spilled life everywhere. A boob smother from hell. A stabby stick to the heart. An epic face beatdown. And lastly, when Vonka is done playing with her warm food, she forces a ball gag between Cali teeth and holds Cali nose for not a single ounce of breath. Happy Lifeless Valentines, Cali.

I can tell you that all Cali as to do to sell me a video is put twitching in the description and have it staring her or one of her other cast of characters that I just love to see playing the jobber. Now, Cali is an all-time fav for me, so it’s extra great to have this video staring her. It’s also a nice little treat to have her completely naked from start to finish. I’ll never be someone who complains about seeing Cali taking a beating in the nude. As much as outfits and footwear add something to videos for me, nakedness is tried and true winner. I love that this is a sentry style vid, that just jumps to Cali being attacked and easily taken out again and again. Of course the best part for me is that Cali twitches every time Vonka takes her down. That alone makes this video worth it, but the ways Vonka takes out Cali is really good too. Lots of brutal and creative ways are used to take out the poor naked sentry.  Even the ones with some added blood are good. I don’t really like fake blood, even though Cali does fake blood the best, but there not a lot of scenes with it and even these scenes that do have it, it’s not a lot of blood, so it doesn’t look too bad. I also like the kind of swagger Vonka has about her while she’s dominating Cali, it felt like a mix of her not being worried about Cali, knowing she will easily dominate her and her being cocky, just loving the fact that Cali was so helpless. Overall, it’s was a great show for me, naked Cali Logan doing lots of twitching, after being snuffed out repeatedly by a far superior foe.

Overall Score: 9.9/10