Review Majick vs Rusty Boxing

Review of Hit the MatMajick vs Rusty Boxing – 11 mins

Majick (pre-blueberry dreadlocks) is at HTM to take on Rusty! Showing quite the aggression here, Rusty reaches out to touch gloves, and Majick is already throwing punches at him! Majick goes on frenzied offensive, trying to land a hit but Rusty blocks and parries all of her blows, waiting for the feisty brat to tire herself out.  A quick block and counter sends Majick staggering into the ropes, and now Majick finds herself as Rusty’s helpless little punching bag.   Majick gets worked over, sustains battle damage, but doesn’t give up.  Try as she might, Rusty doesn’t allow her to land a clean hit, and picks her apart blow by blow.  Majick continually finds herself on the ropes or in the corner getting dominated, until she can no longer stand. A big right hook from Rusty puts her lights (and her mouthpiece) out for the 10 count knockout!

Been a long time since I reviewed an HTM video, to no fault of theirs, but finally the stars have aligned and I bring this video to your attention. I have always loved the Rusty videos that they have produced. Rusty crushes everyone, like a boxing version of SKW’s Tiny and I love that. I have no idea who Majick was before this, pronounced Magic, I assume, but she is a beautiful little thing, she has on an excellent outfit for this video, with fishnet shorts, a bikini under it and shoes. Shoes are pretty rare for HTM, as far as I can remember, but I prefer shoes much more than bare feet, so it was nice to see here. The match is predictably one sided, of course, and Majick takes a great beatdown with several knockdowns before the final KO. Which is just how I like it. There are few rounds that give Majick a bit of a time out, but that doesn’t help her outcome at all. There’s also a little blood too, which I can always take a pass on, but it wasn’t a lot, so this was fine. And best of all, her mouth piece comes flying out at the end, which in my opinion is the only reason to have a mouth piece in the first place. This was a really nice introduction to Majick, even though it’s pretty much great to watch anyone get dominated by Rusty in a boxing match. I look forward to seeing more videos for Ziva and Madison in the future, as I think some good stuff is coming.

Overall Score: 9/10