Review Escape Room Peril

Review of Kayla ObeyEscape Room Peril – 15 mins

Kayla is laying spread eagle on the floor. She slowly comes to, confused. “Where am I?” She looks around trying to find some answers. She sees a note on the table and reaches for it. Escape. Panicked now, she heads for the door. She reaches for the handle but it zaps her, her body shakes and dances as she holds the knob. Her tongue hangs out and her eyes roll. She slumps to the floor, tongue still out and twitching as she slowly fades out. After a short while she shakes herself out of it. “Of course the door was a trap.” She looks around her and notices a window, she heads for it and tries to slide it open. It’s stuck. Suddenly, she feels a sharp sensation poke her butt. “Ow! What was that…….Oh…” Her eyes begin rolling back in her head, she tries to fight it but is slowly growing weaker. She collapses as her eyes roll back into her head. Her ass is up as her body twitches on the floor. She comes to and is a bit woozy from the effects of whatever stung her. She slowly gets back to her feet. “Of course the window is a trap too! Come on, Kayla. Think more creatively.” She looks around for the next thing to try. She spies a remote and presses a few buttons hoping for some idea. She smells something strange and looks down to her feet….gas! She coughs but the effect is quick and she falls hard to the floor. She comes to with a gasp. “What the fuck was that?” She gets back to her feet, pacing. “What am I supposed to do? I don’t even get any clues!” Suddenly, she is thrown against the wall. An invisible force beats her down, her eyes roll and tongue hangs out of her mouth as she sways on her feet. She takes several punches to the face and belly. Out on her feet for a second, she falls to her face. Her body twitches, legs splayed. When she finally comes to, the attack has left a lasting effect on poor Kayla. She is clearly in pain and dazed. After a bit of a struggle, she gets back to her feet. Desperate now she searches through the couch cushions, really hoping for an answer. The only thing Kayla finds is a blow to the head, out of nowhere. Her eyes roll back as she slowly slumps backwards and lands spread eagle on the floor. She was out even before she hit the ground. After a long while, she begins to move, her eyes slowly opening but still rolling. She is totally out of it. Trying to get to her feet is a challenge as she continues to fall and stumble. It’s clear that Kayla has no idea what’s going on any more. That hit to the head really did a number on her. She mutters some gibberish, eyes glazed over. After standing there in la la land for a bit, a force tightens around her neck. She struggles to breathe for a few moments before she has enough sense to react. She claws at her neck. She is gasping now, tongue way out, eyes crossing and rolling. She falls to her back, her body bucks and kicks as it tries to fight off the invisible force. Things slowly start to fade for Kayla. Her body twitches for awhile but even that fades away and she lies still, eyes still and staring off into the distance. Looks like she failed to escape.

For those that don’t know, the amazing Kayla Obey is still making videos and releasing them kind of randomly. Of those random releases one of them was my custom. This is one that I based off her house of horrors video, which she released a year ago near Halloween. It just happened that my custom based off that video was released around Halloween as well. This being my custom you can expect all the usual things, multiple KOs, lots of OTT reaction, certain KO poses and no bare feet. It’s been so long since I’ve received a Kayla custom, I forgot just how exact she performs the scripts.  This video is pretty much one for one with what I wrote in the script, aside for the fog machine KO. I did ask for a sleepy gas KO and she just used the perfect setup to use a fog machine she just got. It worked out really well too, with the fog coming around her feet first and then knocking her out pretty quickly. Kayla sells everything with her usual expertise, but does a really outstanding job with the struggling back to her feet near the end of the video. Future customs will have her focus more on that kind of struggling, I loved it so much. This is one of the only times that I wrote a script that ends with poor Kayla meeting her demise. It’s not a usual thing for Kayla and we’ve all seen tons of videos with Kayla meeting her end, but it’s new for me and it was great. Overall, Kayla delivered another great custom for me and of course there will be more to come. Also be sure to keep an eye on her store as you never really know when she’ll add more of her wonderful content.

Overall Score: 10/10