Review Cheated and Defeated POV Boxing Beatdown

Review of Lora CrossCheated and Defeated POV Boxing Beatdown – 19 mins 

Lora Cross has gotten into amateur boxing- and with her strong muscular arms, her punches pack a lot of damage! She has a match coming up and she thinks her opponent doesn’t have a chance. Unfortunately for Lora, her opponent is not going to let Lora win, and is happy to cheat to make sure Lora is defeated! Lora’s gloves weigh only 8 ounces, but her opponent’s gloves weigh 2 pounds (or 32 ounces) EACH! With this much weight behind each punch, can Lora stand up to the damage she will take? The match begins and Lora’s speed, agility, and grit seem like they will give her a good chance at a win, until her opponent starts pummeling her with their weighted gloves. Each punch hits like a train, and with every knock-down, Lora has to strip off an article of clothing, until, damaged and in pain, she gets to the final round in just a thong and her boxing gloves…

This is my first custom with Lora and I think it may be the first POV boxing video where she loses too. I can’t lie, after seeing Lora at SKW and seeing how good she sold there, I just had to get a custom with her. Luckily she was more than happy to do this script and she absolutely killed it. This script focuses a lot on the heavy gloves of her cheating opponent causing lots of damage to her midsection and Lora sells that pain perfectly. Of course, this is my custom, so there lots of OTT action, that Lora sells excellently. Her twitching alone is worth the price of admission. There’s a point in this clip where her belly injuries combined with the repeated KOs leave her in this dazed state, but she’s determined to keep fighting, which results in this long struggle of her trying to get back up, but repeatedly failing due to the pain and her dizziness. Little did Lora know at the time, that was exactly how I wanted that to go, even though it took up a good chunk of time in the video, it’s time well spent. Also, this is a strip boxing match, so after several KOs, not only does Lora end up naked, but she’s also a total ragdoll for the final KO. This custom was a total success, I already returned to Lora for more OTT boxing content as she continues to be a total joy to work with and produces excellent content!  

Overall Score: 10/10